Thursday, 26 November 2009

Christmas photo shoot

These photos were to cute not to share!I was motivated to take these photos when I found a "Countdown to Christmas" in one of my scrapbook books. I then obviously had to organise a very quick photo shoot as it is already the 26th of November! Robyn and I went shopping for red T-shirts and a christmas hat when we found this little "pet" christmas hat. Obviously just had to have it. Robyn had to hold Scruffy as the silly dog kept on turning on his back!

Jessie was even more difficult to photograph, so I had to settle for this side view of her. The hat is a bit small for her.
The inspiration for this photo came from the December 2009 CK magazine. It was great fun, and a lot of moaning and groaning. I think Colin's "smile" is more of a grimmace! Michael was also complaining big time because he said his back was sore. We only managed this one photo.
Another one inspired by CK. Unfortunately my family members are a bit bigger than the example in the magazine and we had to improvise!
And then the normal one. Jessie was in the 1st photo, but she gave Richard a huge lick in the mouth and he just had to let her go!

We also took individual photos as I found the most gorgeous leather frames to hang on the Christmas tree, and I want to put a photo of each of us in it.

I hope you enjoy our photos as much as we enjoyed having them taken!

Have a great day!