Friday, 28 November 2008

Gorgeous boys!

My eldest son turned 22 yesterday. He had to go to a clients year end function last night - it was a murder mystery dinner and he had to get dressed up as a french dude - the dude does have a name, but I cant remember it! He had a great time and I think it was a perfect way to celebrate his birthday. When Colin is back from Germany we will take him out for a family dinner. Isn't he just too cute though?
Andrew having breakfast at 06H20 this morning. He has 6 slices of toast with youngberry jam every morning. For now that is, he will get tired of that at some point and then change to something else for the next few months!

Jamie sitting on her little "PSP" on my dressing table. This has become a routine for her when I get finished in the morning - you know the usual, getting dressed, putting on make-up and making up the bed. She shrieks if I dare leave her in the lounge when I get finished in the mornings! She obviously doesn't sit still for very long, but climbs up the curtains and all over the place!
I had a lovely morning yesterday. We went to the South to do some shopping at the wholesalers and ended up having coffee with a friend at a little place called High Tea. What a stunning little place! The coffee was delicious and the cake was beautifull and delicious! We will definitely go there again - thanks ladies!
Today the scrapbooking ladies are having a year end breakfast - also promises to be a good morning and I am looking forward to it. This afternoon I will be at home and this evening Andrew and I will be going to visit a friend. Tomorrow is also a busy day - just the way I like it when Colin is away! I am scrapping with a friend tomorrow afternoon and in the evening a group of us are going to the "Liggieboom" at Andrew's school. It is always very good and ends with a huge fireworks display! And then on Sunday the dear hubby will be home!
2 sleeps to go! Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

2 down, 2 to go!

Yes, the boy finished his last exam yesterday and is now officially finished with school. He threatened to burn his school books last night, but I don't think he got that far! He will get his results at the end of December. He started working as a waiter today, so out into the cruel world he goes! Lol
And specially for Lynette - Layout of Christmas 1999. Please note that my albums are all in my bedroom so this photo was taken on my bed.
My mom and I went for our normal Wednesday breakfast today and I requested that we go to N1 city so that I could have some photos developed. I suppose I should have gotten the hint when I filled up my flash drive plus more photos on the other one, 180 jumbo's later (including 2 ups and 4 ups) we left the photo shop. I have enough photos for about 12 layouts, plus one for Scruffies album and quite a few for my memory album. I will scrap till it comes out my ears!
We had a very good morning. I am really going to miss my mom when they move away next year, but I think we won't think of that now and make the most of the Wednesdays we have left!
4 sleeps to go!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

News from Germany

I got an e-mail from Colin today, complete with photos! I tried to copy and paste, but alas it didn't work! Nice photos of things covered in snow. All is well and he is enjoying the work that he has to do. Does sightseeing at night - freezing!

I went scrapping today - yes, my usual Tuesday morning! I scrapped Christmas 1999, imagine that, really old photos! It is terrible to see how everybody has aged in the past 9 years. It took me the whole 3 hours to finish the layout as I never learn and always have to cut tiny things out!

Other than that it has been a quiet day. Andrew went of to school without any problems and that in itself is enough to make the day good!

3 sleeps down - 5 to go!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Scrapping Friday

My sister and I had a lovely Friday scrapping and chatting. We only did layouts chosen out of magazines and it was a lot of fun!
A glorious mess! Who can scrap neatly anyway?
My sister did 4 single layouts - this was her favourite for the day.

I did one single layout and 2 doubles. Here is 2 examples.

This layout was done with a variety of photos my sister in Australia sent me in 1999. I was rather happy with the result.
As I said in my previous post Colin left on Saturday. So far everything is going well except that Andrew refused to go to school this morning. I gave him a choice of going to school or being grounded from the computer for the whole weekend - he chose not to go to school. Silly child!
We had a lovely day yesterday. Spent some time at home in the morning and then went to my mom for lunch and then of to Stodels. I bought 2 punnets of flowers for the garden and Andrew chose a punnet with mixed herbs. My mom added a chocolate mint to his collection out of her garden and she gave me 3 evening primrose plants. Will take photos when my flowers are in full bloom and show you!
2 down and 6 sleeps to go!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Just another Friday

I am feeling very sad today. Colin is leaving for Germany tomorrow and I already miss him! He will be away for a week to long. I really function a lot better when he is around and I know that he is coming home in the evening.

We went for our normal "date" last night and decided to skip the coffee and go to Milky Lane for icecream. As we walked into Milky Lane I spotted people that we used to go to the Methodist church with 12 years ago. They also decided that they wanted ice cream instead of coffee - how is that for "coincidence"! We joined them and had a lovely evening catching up and yes, had coffee in the end! It is amazing how a person can click with somebody again after so many years.

I am planning to have a very quiet day today and want to do some scrapping. My sister will also be coming around later so it will be nice. See if I can scraplift some of my friends LO's!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Nesting Box

Andrew had to do a project for school - they were making a bird box. As we were off to PE the next day, Michael was nominated to help Andrew with his project. Andrew immediately decided that he was going to use it as a nesting box for the budgies.
Fortunately they are in quite a big cage and the box doesn't take up too much space. So far the budgies are only using it to poop on and they chewed the bamboo on the roof.
Meet Roxie the budgie (blue) and Elvis the show budgie (green). They love each other very much and are forever busy kissing or preening each other.

Here you can see the box in the cage - the budgies still have more than enough space.
I had to take the budgies to the vet a while ago and Andrew went with me. He asked the vet a lot of questions. One of the questions was whether the budgies would mate. The vet replied that it is possible, but that budgies are very silly and lay their eggs just anywhere!
We will have to see what happens!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Sweet thing!

I bought this "nest" for Jamie last year in winter, because they can sleep in it and then obviously be warmer in winter. Anyway, I had to put sunflower seeds into the bag to get her to actually go into it and she never slept in it. It now hangs on the side of her cage and she loves crawling into it. It looks very fun as you sometimes see this little head appearing, or at other times you can see her tail! She has totally destroyed the bottom of the bag, but it is so cute to see her in action that I actually don't mind!

I am going for my normal Wednesday breakfast with my mom and afterwards I want to go to Stodels to go and buy some petunias to give the garden some colour. And then of course look to see what they have on sale! So far most of the plants in the garden is stuff we bought on sale and the garden is coming on nicely.

Later .....

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Colin had his annual golf day yesterday. He teed of at 11H50 and finished at about 18H00. He came home, had a shower and then the 2 of us went back to the golf club for the prize giving and dinner. It is always a lot of fun as the different teams really make fun of each other. The team Colin was in came 7th out of 14 teams. Not too bad! The team that comes in last gets the toilet seat - everybodies biggest fear!! Not really, it is all in the name of fun. We had potjie for dinner - very nice! Now we have to wait a full year for the next one!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Oops, I forgot!

I meant to include a photo of the cake on my previous post, so voila!!
Since I last chatted to you I went and watered the other side of the garden (minus Jamie as the wind is blowing very hard now) and got myself sopping wet in the process. The dear hubby still hasn't cut of the "defective" bit that squirts in all directions! When I phoned him to complain he asked me why I didn't do it myself. Duh, I didn't think of that! I can be so silly sometimes!

Anyway after the cold shower I went and had a hot shower with the result that I so do not feel like cleaning up! Will see how far I get ....

My weekend in photos

It was Colin's year end function on Friday night so we got all dressed up for a lovely evening out. It was a very pleasant evening and we had a lot of fun!
Checking my e-mail after we got home.

Michael just loved the way Scruffy was sitting and just had to take a photo! And of course the Jamie the parrot just happened to be there too!

I hosted a stork party for my friend on Saturday. She was totally surprised and that was great too! This was after we dressed her up. Cute isn't she? Such a lovely big baby!

Her friend came all the way from KZN to be here for her stork party - another huge surprise!For her first forfeit wshe had to drink out of a baby bottle and was totally grossed out about the taste of the formula. We also fed her some purity - the vegetable kind, and that was also extremely disgusting! Did I really feed that stuff to my kids?

Anyway, Jamie helped me water the garden this morning and is now cuddling on my shoulder, but I guess I must now start doing something about my house!

Have a blessed day!

Friday, 14 November 2008


I was tagged by Lynette on 12 November to tell 7 weird things about myself - lets think a bit .....

1) I don't mind having parrot poop on my shoulder.

2) I hate it very much when people "leave" a message on my cellphone and when I check their is nothing.

3) I hang my washing up in a specific way and get very upset when somebody else hangs it up and it is not the same as the way I do it! (Simply ridiculous I know)

4) I have my own little routine at night before I go to bed and heaven helps Colin if he comes and interrupts me! That is MY time. (I call him when I am finished)

5) I can't stand it when people paint their finger and toenails and the colours don't match. It can only be different if one of the two is a french manicure.

6) When my hubby and I go away for a weekend the parrot always goes with!

7) The children find it very strange that I don't hear them when they come in late at night but I wake up instantly if somebody comes into the bedroom.

Sjoe, that wasn't too bad.

Red and pink

Can you believe it, a whole month has gone past and it was time again for Robyn to go and have her braces adjusted. The dr tightened the bottom braces again and she chose red and pink elastics. She also told me that she now has 19 months to go - quite a long time me thinks!

I spent my morning pottering around the kitchen and rather enjoyed myself. Now I have to go and do some scrapping - fun!

Thursday, 13 November 2008


Yes, I have been suffering from internetlessness again this past few days! Wireless internet is definitely not what it promised to be! It has been very good being home again, except that I was rather sick on Sunday night and Monday. When I got up on Tuesday I realised how dirty my kids left the house, and was obviously not very impressed as I do not like cleaning house very much. Went scrapping on Tuesday to try and finish the project that I am busy with at the moment. I am making a scrapbook as a gift for a friend. Still have 2 pages to go so I am happy with what I did on Tuesday. I had to take Andrew to the ENT specialist in the afternoon for a checkup and to "vacuum" his ear. The dr was very happy as Andrew's ear is looking very good and has retained it's ability to clean itself! So no vacuuming was necessary! We only need to go back again if he has a problem.

On Wednesday I took my mom to the airport to go and collect her tickets for her trip to Jhb for my brothers 50th birthday and we ended up having breakfast there. Imagine - breakfast at the airport without anybody flying anywhere! Afterwards we dawdled around in town and I spent the afternoon cleaning up my house a bit.

It has been very cold and wet in Cape Town, so after everybody left this morning I went back to bed for a while to escape the cold and only got up again at 8H30. Don't have too many plans for today except to clean up and do some planning for the weekend. Oh yes and Andrew has decided that he wants muffins to take to school so I will have to make some later.

We are going to Colin's year end function tomorrow night, so that is something to look forward to. Will post a photo on Saturday ......

Boring I know, but this is my life!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Trip to PE

Colin asked me to go to PE with him as he had a business meeting. After much deliberation I agreed and it was quite a trip down memory lane for me. We visited all the family and it was really great to reconnect! I realised just how much I missed out with the family living so far away. Here is a few of the photos I took: The mountains looked really gorgeous on our trip back.
The see in PE is actually warm enough to swim in, unlike another place I know ...

The house where we lived 30 years ago. Very run down, but still there!
My sister and her husband with grandchild number 3.
While we were away I realised that PE is not such a bad place to live after all! Maybe one day ....