Thursday, 27 March 2008

Game Plan

I took my kids to watch Game Plan this afternoon. It was rather cute, but as always very predictable with the daddy loving the daughter soooo much in the end. We enjoyed it and had a few good laughs. The best part was, as always, the popcorn and smarties!

The rest of my day was good too - did scrapbooking and had a great time as always! Didn't quite finish 2 layouts as I must still do journalling on the one layout. Will probably have to do it tomorrow when my other friend comes for a visit.

Sorry, not much else to say!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

My day

Had a pretty good day today! I had breakfast with my mom while Robyn and a friend went shopping at Tygervalley. I spent some time with Robyn yesterday shopping and what a performanh.ce! She looks at everything before she decides to buy and her taste is just as expensive as mine! Much easier giving her the money and letting her shop with a friend. My mom and I had a lovely morning. We also walked around and did some window shopping and ended it all with tea at Dulce. Afterwards we met the girls and came home. Oh yes, picked up Robyn's boy "friend" from church and he spent the afternoon with us. It is amazing how mature the Grade 8 girls are and how boyish the boys are! Anyway, he seems okay.

I went of this afternoon to have more photos developed for scrapping tomorrow and then took a photo of a nightie in the window at Temptations to "tempt" Colin with as we are going off to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary next weekend. Showed it to him and he rather likes it! Maybe I will still go and buy it before we go. The two of us also went to gym as Discovery will cancell our membership if we go less than twice per month. Swiped in, sat down and had a smoothie, and then left again! Best workout I had in years!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Job Hunting

I was always under the impression that staying with one company for a long period of time is a good thing, showed dedication, loyalty, etc. Seems I was wrong, as now after working for the same company for 10 years I find myself lacking the skills that is needed to get a job nowadays. After being a Personal Assistant for 6 years I don't know how to take minutes and I also don't know how to use Excel very well. Both seem to be very important to the Personal Assistant seekers out there! Soooo, I am either going to have to go on a course to improve my skills, or I am going to have to teach myself. Fortunately I have a husband that is very good at Excel and he can teach me. Anyway, enough of the moaning, just so that you know that having "experience" is not always enough. And loyalty means nothing.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Overview of the week

Andrew doing homework on the computer.
My frontpage for my 2008 scrapbook - using Techno pop from Autumn Leaves.

Elvis (green) with his girlfriend Roxy. Stunning little bird!

Andrew eating cornflakes for lunch!
I took these photos earlier this week, but never got around to blogging them. So now you are getting them all at the same time! It has been rather a busy week for him, but it ended on an absolute high after the service at church this morning. Richard preached about how we must celebrate the crusifixion as it is something to celebrate as a christian, Jesus dying on the cross so that we can have everlasting life with Him! He really preaches very well and it was the best Good Friday service I have ever listened to. The whole congregation was very excited by the time he was finished and I can't wait for Sunday.
We are having family over for a bring and share a bit later this afternoon. Tomorrow should be reasonably quiet as I am not sure what our plans are yet. On Sunday after church we are driving up to Langebaan, sleeping over and coming back on Monday. It is going to be very nice!
This will be the last time I blog until Tuesday. Have a very blessed Easter!

Monday, 17 March 2008


I have just come back from the vet and I am very happy to report that Elvis, the budgie, has been discharged by the vet! His beek is fine and all we must do now is keep an eye on him to make certain that he stays fine.

We had a very busy weekend. Took a friend of mine to the airport on Friday night, so decided to make it an "outing" by going early and having supper at The Spur so that Andrew can watch the planes take of and land. It actually turned into a very pleasant evening! Imagine that.

Had a party on Saturday morning that went very well, filled envelopes for my sister in the afternoon and then went of to Tygervalley for some easter egg shopping and tea and cake. Spent the evening watching boring movies.

We got up very late on Sunday morning, went to Stodels to buy a pot for my plant as my daughter "sat" on the other one, had something to drink at the restaurant and then had to wait at the church for an hour until my daughter got back from a church camp which she enjoyed very much. We then spent quite a bit of time sorting out my scrapping room - it actually looks much better, must just finish shorten the curtains. She was completely exhausted and spent most of the rest of the day growling at us. My parents and in-laws came around for dinner and we had a lovely meal together.

Very boring I know, but what else is there?

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Winter is coming!

I was out and about yesterday and took my camera with as I thought I could take some photos of the mountains all covered in clouds, but alas, it was raining, and I had to be happy with these shots of the yellowing vineyards. Hopefully I will get my new lens soon so that I can zoom in closer! It was just amazing seeing all the autumn colours and realising that winter is coming - at long last!!!! I am not a summer fan, but I am sure you didn't notice that!
Anyway, I had my hair tinted and cut this morning, waxing done this afternoon, so now I am ready to face the world again. Must just make an appointment for a pedicure ........

I deed it!

Looks much better in real life, but this will give you an idea! I painted the canvas yesterday afternoon and was so impressed with the way the paint dried! It ended up looking a bit like the new 2 scoops basicgrey paper! Then I stuck the letters on last night and walaa! All I have to do now is get Colin to hang it up for me, because it is now lying on my table in my scrap room!

I took some lovely photos yesterday when I was out and about, will post it later if I have time.

Off to my haircut!!!!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

State of mind?

I am sitting in my scrapping room and looking around me realise that it has become a bit of a "junk yard". The maid uses it for ironing, the pool stuff (in a big black box) is in one corner, Michael dumped his huge speakers in another spot, my canvas is standing propped up against the cupboard and my table is a major mess, not forgetting about all the "stuff" lying on my desk. If my surroundings is anywhere an indication of my mental state then, who knows, I must be one great mess!!

I think I must paint my canvas today sometime so that I can get it up on the wall. It is a 170cm by 40cm canvas that I want to paint a soft pink and then stick "A Scrap Above" (letters I decorated ages ago) onto. I think it will look stunning, must just get around to doing it. Hopefully I will surprise all of you out there, and myself, by posting a photo tomorrow!

I think I must start cleaning up .......

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Well, went scrapping this morning and finished two layouts, finished of one and started another one! Not bad for one morning! I have loads of photos to finish scrapping about our holiday in January, so beter start doing some at home as well.

Spent the rest of the day reading and then sent Colin out for pizzas. Far too lazy to cook today!

Rather boring I know!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Morning "routine"

Generally I get up any time after 8H00 and then my first stop is my laptop to download any e-mails. Then I get my breakfast and Jamie and come and sit so that I can multi-task by eating breakfast and reading the blogs at the same time. During this time Jamie is sitting on the side of my bowl eating with me. Problem is that she shakes her head and I end up with yoghurt all over my clothes, her feet and my desk! Once she is finished she proceeds to climb all over my desk, meaning laptop, keyboard and sometimes chewing on the wires if I don't stop her in time. At the moment she is sitting on her little PSP and screaming rather loudly! Colin calls it a PSP as it is something she can play on and it is very portable! She has 2, a big one that stands wherever I am in the house, and a little one that we take with when we go away.
As it is Monday I am also supposed to be getting ready to go to gym, but I just can't get myself motivated! Generally when I get there I quite enjoy it, but getting there is a problem. I think exercise doesn't come naturally to me, and that is the problem, but hey, I suppose I am the only one that can change that!
We had a rather busy weekend. Had friends round for supper on Friday night, on Saturday we took the birds to the vet for there three monthly pedicure, beekacure and feather trimming. And then the vet also puts drops on their backs for deworming and a vitamin supplement. After that it was of to scrapping for a couple of hours. That was really nice! In the evening Colin and I went out for dinner and watched PS : I love you. A real chick flick so I don't think Colin enjoyed it very much and it was also a bit of a tearcherker.
Sunday was church and then we had my parents and the in-laws over for a braai in the early evening. All in all a very pleasant weekend!
I must take the one budgie to the vet this morning (Budgies don't get taken to the avian veterinarian). He needs a check up on his beek (looks like a fungal infection or something) and then the vet will trim the beek a little. I actually think I must take both budgies with to be checked, but anyway.
Not sure yet what I am going to do with the rest of my day. Obviously have to fetch the high school kids at 14H00 and then make supper. Doesn't look like it is going to be a very eventfull day at all!
Later .......

Monday, 03 March 2008

I love pink!

My sweet husband bought me this cute little portable radio today! I wanted one to take with when I have scrapbooking parties and as A Scrap Above is pink, this radio is just perfect! Isn't Colin just too cute?
Kim I thought of you this evening when Colin and I were driving to Cape Gate to have photos developed. The clouds were just looking absolutely beautifull and the sun was just starting to set with it peaking through the clouds and I wished that I had my camera with me! God has created earth so absolutely beautifully and I have to stand in awe of it. I told Colin that he is going to have to build a ladder onto the wall of our house so that I can climb up to the roof to take photos of the sunsets! He obviously thinks I am crazy, but they are so lovely sometimes. I also noted that the sun is definitely not setting behind Table Mountain anymore - winter is coming!

Colin was sick today, so I spent some time with him. He is feeling much better this evening, and will go back to work tomorrow - just as well as I have a lot of scrapping to do! My friend from England's daughter is in Cape Town at the moment and I want to make a little mini album to take back to her mom - sort of an overview of 2007.