Saturday, 19 September 2009

At the foot of the cross

My mom and I went for a long walk on my last morning in Kidds Beach. We walked with 2 of her friends and then found two other ladies sitting at the foot of the cross.

I find that I feel very close to God when I walk on the beach. Although we were a group I still found that I had time to myself and I sang chorusses and spoke to God as I picked up shells and walked. Each little shell is so perfect that you have to give thanks for such beauty. The sea is also an example of God's power. The sand is soft and the water is warm and gentle as it flows over your feet, but when you look at the rocks and the force of the waves breaking over the rocks you can see the mighty power of God. Soft and gentle, but extremely powerful! I couldn't help but praise Him as I walked along.

We met the lady whose husband keeps the cross in such good condition. She said that he starts picking up the big shells as he walks along and then checks the cross and replaces the shells where necessary. Quite a task as the wind fills the shells up quite quickly and it could so easily dissapear under the sand!

Friday, 18 September 2009

A new haircut!

I decided that it was time for a change and I think the hairdresser did a good job. This is the front view ...And then abviously from the back:
Why is it that I normally prefer the view from the back? Maybe I should start walking backwards! And then not to even mention the blowdrying, it will not look like this when I have control of the hairdryer!

Well, I am back and reality has hit home very hard already. I had a very good time while I was away and phoned Colin on Sunday to tell him that I missed him, but that I was not ready to leave Kidds Beach yet! I couldn't even book a later flight as I didn't take enough medication with me, but anyway, it is impossible to run away from the reality.

I owe you some feedback. We had a horrible meeting at the school. Listening to all that teachers moaning about Andrew and critisising him was terrible and I don't think anybody should ever be in that situation. I was very upset with the psychologist as he arrived late (car broke down) and then didn't add much to the conversation. The psychiatrist suggested that we add a mood stabiliser to his medication and we started that yesterday. We should be able to see the result in about a week or so. We must take Andrew for a bloodtest next Wednesday to see how the meds is affecting his liver and then go back to the doctor the following week. Inbetween all that we are going to Langebaan for a few days. After the bloodtest, I think Colin can take Andrew for that! He is doing okay at the moment as we decided to give him an incentive for good behaviour. If he doesn't get any red cards for a whole week, we will take him ten-pin bowling, movies or whatever on a Friday night. Robyn goes to youth, so a Friday night is actually a good evening to spend time with him. We also went and looked at a private school on Wednesday, it looks very good, but it is full with a long waiting list. I am actually starting to feel that he needs a good kick up the bum, as he has a very bad attitude towards some of the teachers.

On the baby front, Michael is definitely Ethan's father, so know the fight starts to see him. My sister Lynette suggested that we contact the social workers in HER area, and Michael is going to speak to them next week to open a case file. I would love to see the look on her face when the social worker rocks up at her front door! Please pray that we will be able to see the baby very soon, he is already 6 months old and I don't even know what he looks like now. She also lied to the magistrate by saying that Michael can see the baby and then saying "never going to happen" when they left the court. I think Michael should let the magistrate know, but he is struggling to get through to the court.

I will show you some photos of my break over the next few days. Have a great weekend!