Thursday, 26 November 2009

Christmas photo shoot

These photos were to cute not to share!I was motivated to take these photos when I found a "Countdown to Christmas" in one of my scrapbook books. I then obviously had to organise a very quick photo shoot as it is already the 26th of November! Robyn and I went shopping for red T-shirts and a christmas hat when we found this little "pet" christmas hat. Obviously just had to have it. Robyn had to hold Scruffy as the silly dog kept on turning on his back!

Jessie was even more difficult to photograph, so I had to settle for this side view of her. The hat is a bit small for her.
The inspiration for this photo came from the December 2009 CK magazine. It was great fun, and a lot of moaning and groaning. I think Colin's "smile" is more of a grimmace! Michael was also complaining big time because he said his back was sore. We only managed this one photo.
Another one inspired by CK. Unfortunately my family members are a bit bigger than the example in the magazine and we had to improvise!
And then the normal one. Jessie was in the 1st photo, but she gave Richard a huge lick in the mouth and he just had to let her go!

We also took individual photos as I found the most gorgeous leather frames to hang on the Christmas tree, and I want to put a photo of each of us in it.

I hope you enjoy our photos as much as we enjoyed having them taken!

Have a great day!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

At the foot of the cross

My mom and I went for a long walk on my last morning in Kidds Beach. We walked with 2 of her friends and then found two other ladies sitting at the foot of the cross.

I find that I feel very close to God when I walk on the beach. Although we were a group I still found that I had time to myself and I sang chorusses and spoke to God as I picked up shells and walked. Each little shell is so perfect that you have to give thanks for such beauty. The sea is also an example of God's power. The sand is soft and the water is warm and gentle as it flows over your feet, but when you look at the rocks and the force of the waves breaking over the rocks you can see the mighty power of God. Soft and gentle, but extremely powerful! I couldn't help but praise Him as I walked along.

We met the lady whose husband keeps the cross in such good condition. She said that he starts picking up the big shells as he walks along and then checks the cross and replaces the shells where necessary. Quite a task as the wind fills the shells up quite quickly and it could so easily dissapear under the sand!

Friday, 18 September 2009

A new haircut!

I decided that it was time for a change and I think the hairdresser did a good job. This is the front view ...And then abviously from the back:
Why is it that I normally prefer the view from the back? Maybe I should start walking backwards! And then not to even mention the blowdrying, it will not look like this when I have control of the hairdryer!

Well, I am back and reality has hit home very hard already. I had a very good time while I was away and phoned Colin on Sunday to tell him that I missed him, but that I was not ready to leave Kidds Beach yet! I couldn't even book a later flight as I didn't take enough medication with me, but anyway, it is impossible to run away from the reality.

I owe you some feedback. We had a horrible meeting at the school. Listening to all that teachers moaning about Andrew and critisising him was terrible and I don't think anybody should ever be in that situation. I was very upset with the psychologist as he arrived late (car broke down) and then didn't add much to the conversation. The psychiatrist suggested that we add a mood stabiliser to his medication and we started that yesterday. We should be able to see the result in about a week or so. We must take Andrew for a bloodtest next Wednesday to see how the meds is affecting his liver and then go back to the doctor the following week. Inbetween all that we are going to Langebaan for a few days. After the bloodtest, I think Colin can take Andrew for that! He is doing okay at the moment as we decided to give him an incentive for good behaviour. If he doesn't get any red cards for a whole week, we will take him ten-pin bowling, movies or whatever on a Friday night. Robyn goes to youth, so a Friday night is actually a good evening to spend time with him. We also went and looked at a private school on Wednesday, it looks very good, but it is full with a long waiting list. I am actually starting to feel that he needs a good kick up the bum, as he has a very bad attitude towards some of the teachers.

On the baby front, Michael is definitely Ethan's father, so know the fight starts to see him. My sister Lynette suggested that we contact the social workers in HER area, and Michael is going to speak to them next week to open a case file. I would love to see the look on her face when the social worker rocks up at her front door! Please pray that we will be able to see the baby very soon, he is already 6 months old and I don't even know what he looks like now. She also lied to the magistrate by saying that Michael can see the baby and then saying "never going to happen" when they left the court. I think Michael should let the magistrate know, but he is struggling to get through to the court.

I will show you some photos of my break over the next few days. Have a great weekend!

Monday, 31 August 2009

Quick feedback

Almost forgot! We had an appointment with the psychologist on Friday and will also be having an appointment at the school next Monday. The psychiatrist will also be there as well as the school psychologist and some of the teachers. The psychologist reckons that it is a teacher problem.

Please continue to pray into this situation. Thanks!

Smaller clothes

I have now booked my plane ticket to go to PE and Kidds Beach next week, but realised that I actually do not have enough clothes to take with! I bought new jeans, but the rest of the stuff are all getting to big for me now! It also seems hotter there than here. I took some things out that I bought last summer and decided to have it adjusted. I should now have enough. My sister Herlien popped around this morning and we went to Cape Gate after picking Robyn up from school. We saw this blouse at the same time and just had to try it on! The size I tried on fitted me and I bought a size smaller - good motivation! I just love the colours and it is so feminine! As Herlien said, I would never have thought a year ago that I would lose enough weight to be able to fit into this little number. Just a few kg's and it will fit!We had a rather busy weekend again with 2 parties, but it was quite enjoyable. I discovered another little coffee shop in Durbanville that makes the most devine quiche and cake! Will have to go and try their breakfast sometime. Sorry Stef, no Eggs Benedict, but I think it is definitely worth the visit. They had a turkish delight cake there on Saturday that looked very tempting. We went to family on Sunday as it was the one cousin's birthday. Herlien and I also went and looked at the demo of the table for the wedding on Saturday morning. It is absolutely amazing to see how much stuff is out there that you can hire and use. It makes a person want to have a big function just so that you can use all the stuff!

Anyway, enough for now, just wanted you to see my cute little blouse!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My chandelier

I have been wanting to buy a chandelier for our bedroom since our weekend in Montagu. I used some of the money I earned over the weekend (doing parties) and bought one. I got the boys to put it up for me yesterday and I think it looks stunning! And I believe very romantic as well!Herlien helped me with the party on Saturday morning as Robyn was playing hockey, and Robyn helped me with the party on Saturday afternoon. Both parties went very well. We have another 2 this coming weekend, Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon. Robyn will help me with both. The Lord is really blessing me with work at the moment!

We are still struggling with our youngest. I phoned and made an appointment with his psychologist today to discuss how we can handle him. The secretary will phone me back as the psychologist is fully booked at the moment. We don't know what to do anymore and hopefully he will be able to help us. Please continue to pray for us. In the meantime I think I must go to Kidds Beach earlier as I can really do with the break!

Friday, 21 August 2009


My daughter decided a while ago that she needs to get a part-time job. Colin is not very much for that as he feels the kids miss out on too much, like hockey, for example. He saw what it did to Michael and decided that it was better for them to just stay at home, plenty of time to work when they grow up!

I suggested to her that she sticks to doing parties with me, as it isn't a steady income, but pays quite well when it does happen, which is quite often at this stage. This morning I told her that we have another confirmed party for next Saturday and what did she say? Oh no, not another one! How ungratefull is that? I am thanking God for all the work that is coming my way and my daughter thinks of her social life. I think that it is rather scary having an attitude like that. Maybe I should just find myself another assistant. The problem is that we work well together and she is very good with the kids. Anyway, what do you think?

Thursday, 20 August 2009

A bit more info

I usually crawl back into bed once Colin and the kids leave, but decided to check on the blogs this morning while they were still all here. I was inspired by Lynette's blog to be a bit more open and honest about myself, so here goes.

Lynette phoned me yesterday to find out why I am so quiet and that made me feel very good, as I always tend to feel that nobody cares, so why bother. Thanks Lynette I really appreciate the phone call. I suffer from chronic depression and always, when things aren't going well I follow a certain pattern. Try and cope, withdraw from everybody and everything, become very quiet, sleep late every morning, stop cleaning my house, even stop scrapping and so the spiral continues downwards. This is not something that very many people know about me, but my confidant at church encouraged me to ask friends to pray for me, us on a regular basis, so here I am asking you guys to pray for us. When I get depressed Colin is probably affected the most, as he is the person closest to me. I am really struggling with my youngest at the moment and as you can imagine it is causing me to be extremely stressed to the point that I dream strange dreams and perspire terribly at night - more like anxiety. He is extremely difficult, disobedient, abusive, intervering, loud and generally has the whole household upset. He just started seeing a new psychologist, but it is still early days and so far we are not seeing any results. Colin and I chatted last night and decided to put a consequence in place for when he refuses to listen to me. He is now far to big for me to physically drag him down the passage and force him to stay in his bedroom for a time-out. We spoke to him this morning and will see how it goes. So yes, please pray for us!

Here is a few early morning photos I took last week. The cockatiels love the door to their cage being opened and performs until I do. They then just sit their looking out! I guess it gives them a sense of freedom:
Andrew getting ready for school. Jamie loves him and tries her utmost best to get to him whenever he is around. A bit frustrating in the mornings because he dawdles like crazy and it is a fight to get him out of the house almost every morning.
Richard having breakfast before work.
Robyn having breakfast: (not impressedwith having her photo taken!)
Colin and Jamie having breakfast! She gets very excited when she sees him bringing his breakfast to the lounge and thoroughly enjoys sharing with him! She then has breakfast with me as well when I eat at about 09H00.
I was very priviliged to spend the day with my sister Herlien and her daughter Stephanie on the day of her matric dance two weeks ago. We picked her up after she had her hair done and then went with while she had her make-up done. She wouldn't let me take photos of that, but I got a few in when she was getting ready to go. Here she is straightening her hair again because she wasn't happy with the way the hairdresser did it:
My favourite photo, taken from the back to show all the detail:
With a very proud mom and dad!
She has really grown up to be a very lovely young lady and I am very proud of her!

I had a very bad hair week last week, but Scruffy didn't. We took him for a wash and trim last Tuesday and he really looked gorgeous!
On the Ethan front we are waiting for the results of the paternity test (will only get the results in September when they go back to maintenance court). I am really hoping that the baby is not his, but don't think that that is going to happen! In the meantime I get my baby-fix when I baby sit my friends baby from time to time. I looked after her last Thursday and almost had to lie on my stomach to take this photo, gorgeous isn't she:
Well that is about it for now. Just enough time to quickly warm up in bed before I have my nail appointment at 09H00 .....

Monday, 03 August 2009

A week in my life (more or less)

My father was in Cape Town last weekend as he is here to prepare the boat and to then help in taking it over to the Carribean. We all met at my sisters house for supper. It was a really great evening and it was really a pleasure seeing him and spending time with him. He loves living in Kidds Beach and can't wait to go back!
As I said in my last post, we bought a new car. Here is a photo of our old cars that we traded in. Michael's Mazda and my Monza. They gave us such a good trade-in on the cars that it was well worth it! The salesman had a possible buyer for my car.
And in with the new! It was actually very nice that they added the red bow, just up my alley. Andrew was also very impressed and wanted to know if we could take the bow with us. A very proud hubby with his new car:
Well, we spent the weekend in Langebaan. We had a lovely relaxing time and I was amazed when my friend showed me how cute her parrot is. Her name is Casper and I haven't ever seen a bird quite like her!
The guys went fishing on Sunday and came back with 2 fishes. Colin and Andrew each caught a little shark, but they obviously had to let it go. The ladies went for a ride afterwards. It felt very weird being on the boat with thick jackets on, but it was extremely ex
The best news of all is that I went shopping for jeans today and fitted into a size 14! They are a bit tight, but I don't think it will be uncomfortable. I was so excited when they fitted that I told Robyn that she could also choose something in the shop. She came out with a wallet.

Friday, 31 July 2009

I am a bit bored

I am sitting alone at home, had to print an invoice for tomorrow's party and then got sidetracked to look at the blogs. Very strange for me, I generally just go to bed at this time of night. Colin and Andrew are in Langebaan tonight. Colin and I were supposed to go up today to look after our friends son while they go out. I got confused with the dates (my diary was in hubbies car) and accidentally booked a party for tomorrow morning! I will be driving up to Langebaan after the party with Robyn and Jamie to join all of them. Apparently it is going to be a lovely day tomorrow so at least our friends can go out on their boat, alone, as we will be looking after the son. It is very sad, but they normally don't get the opportunity to go out alone as their son needs somebody with him at all times.

I was planning on putting some photos on the blog of my hubbies new car, but can't find the cable for my camera - not very good at all! He got his new silver Toyota Corolla on Wednesday and he is very chuffed with it. It is our first new car since 1990 - I guess that is enough to make anybody happy! As a result of him getting a new car, I am now driving the Mazda Etude. I am very happy as the thing has airconditioning and will be a pleasure to drive in summer!!

We spent last Sunday rearranging the garage so that the new car can fit in. Our garage is very small and it was quite funny, but at least we got rid of a lot of junk!

Anyway, my bed is calling!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

You are my King

I'm forgiven, because You were forsaken
I'm accepted, because You were condemned
I'm alive and well, Your Spirit is within me
Because You died and rose again.

Amazing love, how can it be
That You my King would die for me
Amazing love, I know it's true
It's my joy to honour You
In all I do, to honour You.

You are my King
You are my King
Jesus, You are my King
You are my King.

We had an amazing time of worship at church this morning and this song really spoke to me. It is so amazing that God loves us so much that He gave us His Son so that we can have everlasting life, how sad for the people that do not believe or know Him!

It also made me realise what a big responsibility we have in showing unconditional love to others, because that is the instruction, to love others as God loves us. Not easy at all as we tend to critisize other people very easily and think that we are in some way better than them. I have learned to love my husband, children, friends and family unconditionally, but it is the "unlovable people" that are the challenge.

Friday, 24 July 2009

The truth

I finally exceptedthe fact that I am a housewife with a hobby that brings in a bit of pocket money. It took me quite a while (more than a year since our full time maid left) and I must admit that I am not very good at it. I keep on telling myself that I am supposed to do everything I do to the best of my ability (for the Lord), but I normally find some reason not to. My new decision is to stay at home 3 days a week to clean house. Not very exciting I know, but I keep on reminding myself that I want to be at home and therefor I have to do my part. And the hubby does expect me to do it anyway! I also know that I am very blessed to be able to stay at home in this wonderful economic climate, so many people out there are not that lucky! We live a pretty good life and can still go out and have fun on a regular basis and cleaning the house is not such a high price to pay for not having to work in an office!

Anyway, I know that it is a whole month since I last blogged, but I am also not much of a blogger, it just seems like such an effort to think of something to say, but I also can't see it changing anytime soon as I am sort of allergic to my computer! Will try though!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Are you an ogre or a princess?

I was listening to Kfm in the car yesterday and they had a competition on about Shrek and it made me think:

Princesses are happy, loving, gorgeous, thin, perfectly groomed and will NEVER (unless it slips out) break wind in public!

Ogres are happy, loving, green, fat, untidy and won't give breaking wind in public a second thought.

In Shrek 2 Ogre and Fiona could choose whether they wanted to stay a prince and princess or if they wanted to go back to being ogres. Their choice - they chose to stay ogres. Why do you think that is?

I think that it is much easier being an ogre because of all the above reasons. I have come to the conclusion that I am a mixture of both. My ogre side loves eating with the result that I am overweight, I am happy most of the time and I am loving. My princess side likes to be well groomed and we won't speak about breaking wind at this stage! I think my ogre side is the dominant side at the moment and until my princess side decides to take over, that is what I will be!

So which one are you?

Monday, 22 June 2009

Fathers Day

I invited a friend to come and play at my house on Thursday. We scrapped of course! She only has 2 weeks left before she has to go back to work and we will have to make the most of it! Here is a photo of my daughter with little Amber-Rose. Isn't she just beautifull!
My friend scrapping away!
It became sort of a tradition to take the grandparents out for breakfast on Fathers day. In my parents absence this year, we invited the in-laws for brunch. We were on duty at church and only got to the Wimpy at 11H30 - perfect time for brunch! They enjoyed it even though the kids can get a bit crazy!
The children, including my son's girlfriend:
Did you notice the mischief in their eyes? We had a lovely meal and the kids were very entertaining! The hubby and I:
Three generations of fathers:
It was also my father-in-law's birthday yesterday, and we went around to their house in the afternoon for tea and cake. Not a bad day at all! Now all I have to do is swop the hubbies fathers day gift for a bigger size!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Aren't babies sweet?

I finished this layout on Monday and I am very happy with the result. Thanks to Becky Higgins again! We have been having a lot of trouble with this little man lately and looking at this layout this morning I sincerely wish that I had eaten him up when he was a baby, instead of just threatening too!!! We cherish them and look after them so well and then they grow up into little monsters!
I eventually finished the last of my "party" paper last week and it was such fun going out to buy new paper on Monday!! This is the 2 ranges I decided on:
The pink seems a bit dull, but I will have to think of a way to use it so that it will make stunning mini albums. I am looking forward to using it!
It has been a rather frustrating week. Mainly because of said little man above. It is sad how their problems can become so all consuming for the parents. Other than that I am having a friend around to play at my house today and that will be fun. I am also meeting another friend for breakfast tomorrow. And on Saturday I am going with my sister to sort out my dress for the wedding! Very exciting! We will also be looking at paper and velum to make her invitations with. But the best news of all is that hubby and I have finally booked to go away for a weekend next month, all on our own! What bliss!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Scrapping morning

I organised to go scrapping with a friend this morning, forgetting that I also had another appointment! Robyn was home so she went with as she is busy doing an album for a friend as a birthday present. By the time I was finished with my appointment (eyebrows and nails) it was nearly 11H00! Anyway, we went through and had a good time. Robyn is the only one that did any scrapping as my friend and I were to busy chatting and playing with the baby. She is now 5 months old and really adorable! My friend has to go back to work in July and I think it is going to be really hard on both of them.

I have to take the daughter shopping for boots this afternoon and she also has to be at hockey practice for 04H30. My afternoon will be mostly spent in the car! For you that don't know, I hate driving, unless it is for scrapping!

I also have to prepare for a party on Saturday and then hubby and I are supposed to go to a movie this evening (date night), but we haven't decided what to watch yet, so maybe we won't get there. Any suggestions for movies?

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What would you do?

What is more important? Staying at home and tidying up the house or going out at the drop of a hat? Well, I had to get up this morning to take the kids to school, as Richard needed Colin's car for a traffic count this morning. Michael took Colin to work, and as he now drives a bakkie, they couldn't take the kids with. I left the house in my dressing gown and slippers (it is still dark you know!) and took them to school. Robyn wanted to know what I would do if the car broke down, but I decided to take the chance! Came home, put a load of washing on and climbed back into bed with a book. You can't do that when you are fully dressed!

I phoned a friend last night to confirm our breakfast date for this morning, but couldn't get hold of her. Thus, I got back into bed with the knowledge that she could phone anytime. She phoned at 08H00 and I had to decide the above. Stay at home or go out?? You are quite right, I jumped in the shower, did my make-up and left!! We had a very pleasant breakfast and a lovely catch up chat as we haven't been able to for a while. I left her house with just enough time to pick Robyn up after school and then came home. I looked at the house as I walked in and decided that it was all well worth it! The house can be tidied up anytime! Just hope the washing dries as the weather is now a bit overcaust.

Tuesday, 09 June 2009

Catch up!!

I guess I can use the fact that we have been internetless again for the past 3 weeks as an excuse for not blogging, but I won't. The company hubby works for entered two teams in the wheelchair race a while ago. It was a fundraiser and it was a lot of fun, but very hard on the hands! Here you can see my hubby trying very hard to finish his leg of the race.
Their team also ended up in the final, but the final was won by the disabled team in their wheelchairs. It was quite an eye opener and gave me a lot more respect for the people in wheelchairs. It is not easy! Here is a photo of the two teams:
I attended a Tim Holtz class with a friend about 2 weeks ago. We each got a chipboard album, grungeboard and some other embellishments. Part of our kit was also some pages torn out of Hamlet. It made for very interesting pages! We first had to stick the paper onto the chipboard pages, then inked it with distress ink. I was amazed at how much like leather the grungeboard looked by the time we were finished painting, sanding and inking them! It was a very enjoyable class. Here is the results:
I decided to use some wedding photos to complete the album - printed in sepia of course! I got home, dragged Colin to the mall to have photos printed and then finished the whole album that night. I was very inspired and excited!

I went and scrapped this morning and did this layout. Actually I am lying, the teacher put all the photos on the pages and I just stuck them down! I must still do the journalling, but have a look:
Andrew had his first archery lesson last Saturday, but all the photos are on the hubbies camera, will have to get them from him and then I can show you.
It has been a very busy and difficult couple of weeks. Michael managed to see Ethan once, but then the madam decided that he can't see Ethan again. He also received a subpoena from the maintenance court last week. I made peace with not being allowed to see Ethan and will now just have an attitude of "wait and see".

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I went scrapping this morning and did this layout for our family album:
It will also go into the frame I have hanging by the front door for a while. It is based on a Becky Higgins sketch. Lynette dear, do you remember me buying the "E" when we went to Jeffreys Bay last year? I finally got round to using it. It was obviously bought for this specific layout, but the boy was only born in March. I also got one for each of my children. Your idea of colouring the letter in with coki worked beautifully Stef, thanks!

While I was doing this layout this morning it struck me that it is 4 weeks since we last saw Ethan and that we have already missed out on 4 weeks of his life. I could quite easily have sat there crying, but decided to control myself in front of the other ladies. The mother is still not allowing us to see him and the whole business is getting me down.

I am feeling better today, the cold seems to be getting better. No need to stay in bed, drink tea and feel sorry for myself, but thanks for the advise ladies!! You just forgot about the chocolate!

Andrew is sitting at the table with me catching up on his maths and I only have to fetch Robyn at 4H30, so have a bit of time to waste. I started making soup at 06H30 this morning and it is happilly bubbling away on the stove, which means supper is sorted for tonight! The only problem is that I am finished with the books I was reading, so I guess I will have to find something else to do.

Hope you are having a lovely day!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Miserable Monday

For the people out there that doesn't know me, I am VERY miserable when I am not feeling well! My dear hubby had a cold last week and graciously passed it on to me! I have been sneezing and blowing my nose since Saturday and I am not very happy at all.

Needless to say, I spent most of the day lying around and doing nothing. I think that I have lost my brain permanently this time! I went for a bit of a nap earlier and when I got up and went into the kitchen, I found the dogs waterbowl standing by the tap. Obviously decided to give them fresh water and then forgot about it - poor dogs! I then wandered through the lounge and found the washing basket full of dry unfolded clothes - also meant to fold it and forgot to go back! What is a person to do? Give in or fight back? By the way, the abovementioned happens every single day, it is just a miracle that I haven't forgotten my head anywhere!

I was sitting here at my computer a bit earlier on and my parrot, Jamie, decided to reach out her beak and almost pulled my coffee over, with the result that some coffee fell on my keyboard - silly bird! I do love her so much though, she is soooo cute!

Anyway, hubby is home and I have to go .........

Friday, 15 May 2009

Good Friday?

I went back to bed after Colin and the kids left this morning and had a lovely sleep. I am struggling to get up in the morning, but Colin reckons it is because of the weather - well, who wouldn't like to sleep when you can hear the wind and rain outside? I spoke to a friend a little while ago and she reckons that it is romantic weather - you know, fireplaces, luxurious rugs, etc. Not very romantic when hubby is at work though!

I visited Stef this morning for coffee and heard her plans to have lunch with her hubby today. Who doesn't like going out to lunch anyway? So I phoned my dear Colin and met him at Oppikoffie in Tygervalley for lunch. It was really very pleasant spending that little bit of time with him in the middle of the day! Good idea Stef!

After that it was home again with the usual Friday activities. I went and lay on the bed for a while and the kids did whatever they felt like doing. The daughter is sleeping out tonight so is nagging me to take her, so here we go again!

Have a great evening!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Mothers Day etc.

We were on duty at church on Sunday morning and there was no time for breakfast in bed! My hubby did bring me a cup of coffee though! Since my mom has now left Cape Town we only had to visit my mother-in-law. I made the mothers a scrapped family photo last year, with a frame, and this year when I gave my mom-in-law her 2009 one, she wanted to give the old one back as she doesn't have anywhere to put it. I then decided to give her an album this year. I scrapped some Christmas photos for her, as well as a page of Ethan. She was very impressed and immediately added her other page!
Colin asked the big boys to be home at 1, and they all took turns making pancakes for lunch. They were as good as what the looked! Robyn decorated the tray for me. Colin made us a lovely potjie for supper.
I asked Colin to take a photo of the kids and I, and I must say it took quite a few tries to get a decent one. I had to smack Michael here as he kept on pulling faces!
The man responsible for all of them:
Andrew gave me the doggie and the silver box. He has a "thing" for boxes! Robyn gave me the make-up box. Richard took me out for breakfast yesterday and Michael still owes me. Colin also gave me an IOU. By the way, we had a lovely breakfast yesterday - lovely one-on-one time with my son!
I haven't shown you a photo of my darling green parrot for a while, well here she is:
The way she holds her food when she eats still facinates me! God must have had a lot of fun when he made the earth!!!!
Other than that life is ticking over. We still haven't been able to see our grandson and I am struggling with that. I decided to go and speak to somebody from church as I don't want to become depressed and withdraw again. My relationship with my hubby is too good at the moment to ruin it over a silly young woman! Michael went to the Family Advocates and they will now send letters to him and Allisen to get them together to try and come to some agreement about visiting rights. Please pray that she will go and that things will get sorted out - at this stage only the Lord can help us!
I went to the hairdresser this morning and decided that since I am going to be doing nothing for a while, to paint my nails. It went very well and the 2 coats dried nicely. I applied the topcoat after I got home, and yes you guessed, messed it all up within a few minutes!
Enjoy your day!

Thursday, 07 May 2009

I had a dream

Colin worked right through the night again and when he got home this morning at 06H15 he rubbed his hand over my shoulder and commented that the blanket felt wet. I first thought that, horror of horrors, the dog lifted his leg, but it smelt fine. I then started to stretch a bit to get up and realised that my whole body was soaking wet, even my hair and the sheet was also very "damp". I told Colin and then commented that I had a dream that I was back at work and the boss was putting me under so much pressure that I obviously sweated like that. In my dream he wasn't happy with anything I did. I also dreamt a few days ago that this same boss asked me to go back and work for him again.
It is sad that even 20 months after I stopped working, dreaming about it can still stess me out so much that I woke up soaking wet and stressed. While I was still working the whole sweating thing at night was a regular occurrence, but this is totally ridiculous!
I also realised that I probably will never be ready to work again for any boss, as my last experience was so bad emotionally and I no longer have the confidence anymore.

1) How can we allow people to have so much power over us?
2) What gives them the right to treat people so badly?
3) How can they be allowed to continue doing this even when we complain?

The only thing that helps me deal with this is knowing that he will stand before God one day and will have to answer to why he did all this.

Monday, 04 May 2009

8 Things

8 Things that I am looking forward to:

1) Getting the photos I had printed from Stefanie.
2) Going for breakfast with some friends tomorrow.
3) Colin coming home from the sunday school meeting.
4) Doing the Christmas layout I got from a local scrapping shop.
5) My sisters wedding.
6) Mothers Day.
7) Having some alone time with my hubby.
8) Scrapping on Friday.

8 Things I did yesterday:

1) Stayed in bed while the rest of the family went to church.
2) Sorted out my summer clothes to pack away.
3) Went shopping for some "safe" computer games for the kids.
4) Did 3 lots of washing.
5) Visited (briefly) with friends.
6) Did shopping for the week.
7) Watched the final of the Idols competition.
8) Read in bed.

8 Things I wish I could do:

1) Work with under-privileged people.
2) Lose weight without dieting.
3) Help people that are emotionally hurt.
4) Stop getting depressed.
5) Photography
6) Painting
7) Teach children how to scrap.
8) Invent a robot that cleans the house, etc.

8 Shows I watch:

1) Greys Anatomy.
2) Las Vegas
3) Egoli
4) 7de Laan
5) Eli Stone
6) CSI Las Vegas & Miami
7) Kiddies programs (sometimes)
8) Funny movies.

I am not tagging anybody.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

A whole weekend of birthday!

I made dinner for my family on Friday evening. It was very good and I think everybody enjoyed it! We only had 3 guests: Simone, Herlien & Mark.

Simone made Decadent chocolate pudding. If you look closely you can see the chocolate oozing out on the side. It was absolutely devine!

We also bought some sparkling wine, which I insisted on finishing. The kids thought that I was very funny! Well, somebody had to finish it, it was too good to waste!

I chose my own present from Robyn and Andrew. I have been eyeing this frame for quite a while and decided that I wanted it. Now I must just decide what photo of Ethan I want to put in it. Their is space at the bottom of the frame where I can have his name engraved.

We had another helping of pudding after breakfast yesterday and then went of to do a bit of shopping and to get Robyn's birthday gift from Richard - a belly ring. We ended up going to 2 shopping centres! It was very sore! I wanted to take a photo, but Robyn didn't want me to put the photo on my blog - how horrible is that!

We left the kids in Michael and Simone's capable hands, and went out to dinner with Stef and her hubby. The food was very good! (We ate far too much this weekend) We went and saw Elvis Forever at the Barnyard afterwards. It was also very good! Strangely enough the spectators were mostly our age and older, wonder why that is? We got home rather late, but it was well worth it.

We went to church this morning and spent the afternoon with friends. We had a good lunch and then my friend and I scrapped for a while. I had a really great weekend and sadly I must now return to the real world again - until next year!!
This is the other photo from my breakfast with Stef: