Monday, 28 July 2008

Feeling better

I am happy to report that my happy-pills seems to be kicking in and I am feeling much better. Still struggling to get out of bed, but maybe the cold weather is aggrivating the situation. My brain seems to be functioning a lot better and I am full of ideas for when I start doing classes again in August. I have also decided to spread my wings and go further afield (slightly out of Brackenfell) in order to get more kids to teach.

We had a rather quiet weekend. I had to do a party in Pinelands on Saturday and we had dinner at my moms house yesterday. Really not much! I think that it is good to just kick back and relax some weekends!

Friday, 25 July 2008

Clean shaven

Well Colin is beardless once more! I told him that I find him very sexy and handsome with his beard, but that I don't like kissing him as the hairs prick, so he has decided that he rather wants me to kiss him again, so OFF with the beard! He does look rather strange, so will take a few days to get used to it.

I have been very down and miserable this week, so nothing much else happened in my household this week.

I did go to Hobby-X with a friend this morning though and that was rather nice. Bought some lovely flowers and things to scrap with. And needless to say, the lemon meringue and Cafe Latte was also very good!

Have a great weekend! I only have 1 party tomorrow, so it will be a nice peacefull weekend for us.

Monday, 21 July 2008


Colin and I decided to take the parents out for tea at Stodels yesterday, and Andrew promptly decided that I needed him to do Sandart for my scrapbook! This is the result and it also created a photo opportunity!
Robyn took this photo of us. Isn't he just tooo sexy with that beard! We ended up having a lovely "tea" and enjoyed walking around in the sun and looking at the plants. I bought a hibiscus tree with two tags on it. The one tag says that it is a white flower and the other that it has a lavender flower. Sort of reminds me of John Travolta in "Look who's talking" with his unmarked cans - "Is it peaches or maybe meatballs?" if you get my drift! It will be interesting to see when it eventually gets flowers.
We also had friends around on Saturday. My friend Carol and I did some scrapping and then we had a braai in the evening. My sister also came and brought the most delicious cheese sauce to have over our steak! Yum, could do with some right now!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Here it is!!

As I said in my last post, Colin and I flew up to Pretoria on 7 July to attend a cocktail party where Colin received his award. Pretty good I think!! He had a much larger audience than expected on the Wednesday when he presented his paper.

Another important thing that also happened on 7 July was that Richard (my cute 18 year old) got his drivers lisence. Well done Richard! He is now driving us crazy with wanting to go out with his friends. Fortunately he puts his own petrol in, I think the attendants at the garage knows him already as he puts such small amounts in at a time! Him having a lisence is actually very cool as he also goes shopping for me and fetches his sister after hockey - less driving for me!

And believe it or not, that is about all that has happened this past 2 weeks! I am very pleased that the kids are back at school as I have peace in the mornings now, but besides that it is pretty much life as usual.

Monday, 07 July 2008

Coffee in bed

Just a quick post as I am in rather a hurry this morning! Colin and I are going to Pretoria for the afternoon as he is receiving his award this afternoon.

I set my alarm for 7H00 this morning and was still "snoozing" my cellphone when Michael came into the bedroom. I asked him to make me a cup of coffee and carried on sleeping. Anyway, he brought me my coffee and I propped myself up with the continental pillow so that I could comfortably drink my coffee. I felt myself dozing off all the time though. I woke up with Scruffy jumping of the bed and a very wet feeling under my bum! As I dozed off I dropped my cup and Scruffy got most of it all over him, but a lot also went all over the duvet, blanket, sheets and onto the mattress. Scruffy went storming down the passage and I had to quickly pull all the bedding of and get some of it into the wash. I found Scruffy in the lounge - poor thing was sopping wet on his one side so I dried him with a towel. Needless to say I now have this pile of washing and we are leaving for the airport in a little while! I am sure the kids can sort it out for me, but I have visions of coming home at midnight tonight to an unmade bed! I tried to dry my mattress with the hairdrier but their is now a huge stain on it - any suggestions?