Monday, 30 June 2008

60's party

My brother-in-law turned 50 last week and decided on a 60's/70's party as that is the era he grew up in. We all had to dress up for the occassion!
My mother, 3 of my 4 sisters and I.
Colin and I - just check out the heavy make-up and glittery false eyelashes! Colin looked extremely good and everybody reckoned that he looked stoned.

We slept over at a guesthouse in Somerset West on Saturday night and spent most of Sunday with my sister from PE as she left again this morning. We all went and had lunch at a stunning little restaurant called "Manuka". Perfect place for children as you can sit under the trees and the kids can play. I took this photo as I just love the colour of the winter leaves!
All in all a very nice weekend. It was great dressing up and escaping from reality for a while and as always it was very good spending time with the family.

Friday, 27 June 2008


Wednesday was such a lovely day that I suggested to my mother that we go to Stodels for breakfast, just so that I could be outside in the sun for a while. We had a lovely breakfast and it was great sitting with the sun warming up my back! Afterwards we went for a walk to look at the plants as I had a while before having to pick Robyn up from school.
The people that work there was busy putting out plants at very special prices and we were the first to have a look. I bought this stunning Red Robin shrub as the red leaves attracted me and obviously with a name like Robin, who could resist! The plant was marked down from R180 to R20 - a real bargain! My mom stays in a complex and she also bought one to plant there.
After we got back to my mothers house we looked the shrub up in her gardening books and discovered that the new leaves are red and then turn green as they mature. They also have small little white flowers in spring. To gorgeous!
I also bought some other plants, but I think this one is the most interesting. The garden is coming on since I decided to "take it over" at the beginning of the year. I did a LO so it will be nice to compare it this time next year.
I am going to visit my friend in Monte Vista today, and tomorrow we are going to a 60's 70's dress up party. Watch this space for some funny pics!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Overview of my week

The cousins slept over on Saturday night and we couldn't help but take this picture of Keagan sitting in the basket with Jessie! It is a good reminder of when Robyn was 1 year old. She climbed into the basket with my mother-in-law's dog Jack and we also took a photo of that! This is Jack's old basket that we got when Jack died a few years ago. I think I am going to do a LO about the two photos! (If I can find the other one that is, otherwise I will scan the one I gave my mother in law) I will give her a copy of this one as well, maybe she will remember .....

Colin phoned me with great news on Monday - he won the award for submitting the best paper for the annual engineering seminar! He has to fly up on 7 July to receive the award and has decided to take me with! He will be presenting the paper at the seminar on 9 July - well done Colin, I am proud of you!

I took Jamie outside with me on Tuesday when I hung up the washing. She promptly decided to climb up onto the washing line and had a great time "sunning" herself! And don't worry, I did check the washing very carefully for "landmines" afterwards. Took her out again this morning, but I think she was to cold and decided to stay on my shoulder.
I had absolutely nothing to look forward to today when I got up except having cake at Limnos with Colin tonight, but now after reading all the blogs I am inspired to have some photos printed for a LO or 2 - thank you guys!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tuesday morning

I decided that I wouldn't crawl back into bed this morning as I have quite a few things to do before going scrapping! Actually a great idea as I even got to my laptop! As I was preparing my LO for the class today, I realised that "holiday" means different things to different people. My LO is all about the beach, but what if the kids bring something else? Basically I am stuffed, as I don't have any other ideas for decorating the page! Eeeekkkk!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Fathers Day

The "official" fathers day photo. Michael was visiting his girlfriend and didn't make it home in time to be part of the photo.
Colin and his father.

My sister and I with our father.
We decided to take the fathers out for breakfast for Fathers Day. We went to the Wimpy at Fairbridge Mall and everybody enjoyed their breakfast and had a good time. Definitely something we must do again soon!
Friends came around for a visit in the afternoon and we had far to much cake! Was very pleasant though. My main objective for today is to have photos developed and to prepare the layout for this weeks classes.

Monday, 09 June 2008

Pink and orange

Robyn got braces today. She had the elastics in for a week and today was the big day. It actually went a lot smoother than I thought it would and was done in no time. Only her top teeth were done today as they have to move or be pulled in or something before the bottom teeth join the top teeth. I watched the whole exercise and it was very interesting. Robyn was surprised that it went so well as she expected it to be a lot more painfull. (Will see how she feels tomorrow!)

After! She chose pink and orange elastics! Will keep you up to date!

Colin and I went to Stodels on Sunday so that I could take some photos for a winter layout. It was supposed to be an Autumn layout, but I didn't get to taking the photos!

Jamie having a "sip" of Colin's tea. She really is quite a character!
I am absolutely exhausted tonight as it was a very busy day, but at least I feel as if I achieved a lot. Even though it was only washing, tidying up, etc .... Just kidding, I also had to prepare for my classes this week and also had to finish making samples for workshops.
Going scrapping tomorrow ..... can't wait!

Tuesday, 03 June 2008

Interesting day

I had a very "exciting" day today. I agreed to be my niece's "client" this morning for her nail exam. She is studying cosmotology and I had to go to her yesterday for a while so that she could prepare my nails. I had to be in Parow at 08H30 this morning - that is very early for me! Shame she was very nervous but did a pretty good job on my one hand. She had to do one hand with tips and one with forms. The hand with the forms didn't come out as well as the other, but that didn't really bother me. She will now redo that hand for me this afternoon as I am going to stay her client for a while so that she can practice.

Afterwards I popped in by Stefanie to say hello to the ladies in her Tuesday class and then home to dirty dishes, dirty washing etc. It really sucks not having a maid everyday, but I think we have now adjusted to the new house cleaning "standard". So far I haven't done any ironing as my dear husband has been doing it - he really is very good to me!

This afternoon was spent teaching a class to my one student on a Tuesday. I actually quite enjoy it and two other little girls asked for forms as they would also like to do scrapbooking lessons. Don't have any plans for tonight so will just chill and get my washing dry - as some of you know, a housewife's day is never done!

Monday, 02 June 2008

Growing up

When my daughter "became a woman" last year, a friend suggested that we take her out for lunch to celebrate. I sort of put it on the backburner until I discovered the Fairy Party House a few weeks ago. I got very inspired and then decided to have the party at the Fairy House. I invited 9 ladies, my sisters, friends and 2 nieces. Robyn played hockey on Saturday morning, with the result that we started our morning by each of us making her a scrapbook page with a photo of ourselves and also a word of wisdom, advise, etc. We all had lots of fun! Then it was on to the delectable cake and quiche!

Robyn arrived while we were having tea and cake and we sent her up to the fairy party room to dress up for the occassion. Nikki went with her and the 2 of them looked really cute with their wings.

Three cousins.
A photo of all of us.
We really enjoyed the morning. The company and food was excellent and the venue is really stunning! For those of you with little girls - lovely place to have a party, the venue also lends itself to stunning photos. Nikki kissed the frog, etc! I will definitely be using the venue again very soon!