Monday, 23 March 2009

Babies and parties

We saw baby Ethan everyday except yesterday. Michael has decided that he is very boring as he sleeps all the time. He doesn't know how lucky they are! Isn't he just too adorable, here comfortably sitting in his daddies arm!
Isn't these little hands just to "oulik"!
To think those perfect little hands are still going to get up to such a lot of mischief. His hands looks a lot like Michaels. Very broad with the slightly broader thumb. If you look closely you will see the little brown marks just above his nails. He is definitely going to become darker as he gets older. Not that granny minds at all!
My niece, Stephanie, turned 18 yesterday. She wanted a pink cake with "panda" written on it. It came out very well.
The cupcakes also looked gorgeous! It really was worth every bit of time we spent on making them! Stephanie was really very happy with her cake and couldn't believe how much trouble we went to for her birthday party!

The mama and Stephanie.

Michael and Simone, his new girlfriend. Simone loves working with sugar and icing and helped us ice the cupcakes and she also wrote the "Panda" on the cake. A very talented young lady and then she has a lovely personality as well. Thanks Simone!
As you can see it was a very busy weekend. I am supposed to clean house today, but my friend is bringing her daughter to me for babysitting, so I will rather do that than clean house I think!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

My little boy is a daddy!

What do you say when your son becomes a daddy? Well basically that I also became a granny in the whole process!
22 years ago
Yesterday. Even though they aren't a couple anymore Michael still went through to support her when the baby decided that it was time to be born.
I held him for the first time and I believe that it was love at first sight! He gripped my finger with his tiny little hand and I was lost forever! It is actually amazing how much strength there is in that little hand.
It also struck me just how different mine birth experience was to hers:
- Colin and I were married - and still is.
- We had medical aid and I gave birth in a private hospital.
- Colin spent the entire time holding my hand - I couldn't have done it without him.
- I spent 4 days in hospital eating good food and being treated very well by the staff.
- I had visitors every visiting hour.
- They are not married.
- She had to give birth in a government clinic.
- She was not allowed to have anybody with her during labour or while giving birth. The person that helped her give birth also had to hold her hand.
- She had to leave the clinic 6 hours after having her baby. No food, but apparently the staff were very nice.
- Nobody was allowed to see her until she left the clinic. They wouldn't even tell the daddy what sex the baby was.
I am truly blessed! With my own husband and family and now with this little boy that won my heart the first time I held him in my arms. Welcome little Ethan!

Friday, 13 March 2009

My week at a glance

A whole week since I blogged - goodness me! Anyway, I think everybody knows by now that I am not very fond of spending time on the computer. I spent quite a bit of time sorting out my photos today - must be a record!
Chillie getting a bit of love. He is doing well, I just feel sorry for him as his "mother" doesn't give him as much attention as what he should be getting. And my green bird is not happy when I spend time with him.
My sisters daughter is turning 18 on the 22nd of March and wants a kiddies party and the theme has to be pandas. My sister and I sat and made these pandas last week. We must still paint the eyes and noses. They got a bit flatter and fatter after we left them to dry, but I think they will look really good on the cupcakes. The bigger one is supposed to go on top of the cake, but unfortunately it cracked when I put clingwrap over the plates. The big one wasn't dry yet! I am sure we can make another plan!
I saw this cute bird last Friday, and just couldn't resist it! It goes well with the bedding we are using at the moment, but I don't think it will go too well with the new bedding we bought! Anyway, I will make it work. The boys are painting our bedroom this weekend and I am very excited! Will (try) post a before and after photo. My sisters boyfriend and Colin are also going to fix up the kitchen a bit on Sunday. Hopefully they will find the ant nest and destroy the whole thing!
I found this at Cum books last week - I want to put it in my bedroom once the painting is done - will go very nicely with the new colour scheme.
It was quite a busy week for some reason. Don't ask me why as I really don't know, I seem to waste a lot of time. Did the usual scrapping on Tuesday, had breakfast with the mama on Wednesday and have been rather house bound this past two days. My car had to go in for some repairs and couldn't come home last night. Hopefully tonight. It has actually been quite a nice and relaxing day today. As I said I sorted some photos, I also read and went through my new CK magazines for inspiration.
The grandchild still hasn't been born and with the due date that was yesterday, it can happen anytime. I am getting very excited to see what the baby looks like and what sex it is. I am still hoping that it is a girl, even though the 1st scan did show a boy. Time will tell.
We are having a fundraiser at our church tomorrow. A potjie afternoon. I initially thought that it was a potjie kos competition, but apparantly there will be no prizes. Colin is making a potjie and I am making a pudding. I think it is going to be a very pleasant afternoon socialising with the members of the church and our guests. Will take some photos and let you see!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 05 March 2009

Time with a friend

I am sitting here eating crunchies and Jamie is sitting on my shoulder and trying to eat out of my mouth. My word - how disgusting!

I had a very good morning today. I met a friend for breakfast and must say company and food were both very good. Afterwards we walked around a bit and did some window shopping, and yes, some real shopping. Why is it that even grocery shopping with a friend is good compared to grocery shopping with the family? Much less frustrating and you tend not to buy any extras as you don't want your friend to think that you are a greedy pig! (We won't mention the chocolate eggs from Spar!) Anyway, it was good and we don't do it often enough.

Afterwards I rushed home so that I could get out of the heat! My son had the aircon on when I got home and I walked into a lovely, cool house! I really do not enjoy this weather - bring on Winter!

Wednesday, 04 March 2009


I was tagged by Lynette to show you my bag of the moment. Tada!!! This is it:
I bought this biggish bag, not because I carry a lot of stuff around, but so that I can see everything inside without scratching. I bought it at Miladys sometime last year and I think it cost about R169. I did have a loyalty voucher though, so it cost me a lot less. I am really enjoying the fashion bags at the moment and will carry this one around until I get tired of it or I see another bag that I really can't resist! I decided to follow Lynette's example and tell you what is inside my bag:

1) Make up bag - full of lipsticks.
2) Purse - a gorgeous pink one!
3) Reading glasses.
4) Comb.
5) Manicure set.
6) Handcream.
7) Bracelet - forgot to take it out.
8) OPI nailpolish and top coat - forgot to take it out!
9) Sanitary goodies - yuck!
10) Some sweets.
11) 2 flash drives - heaven know why 2.
12) A hairclip.
13) Lots of bits of paper.
14) Sweeteners - that I always forget to use.
15) Business cards and expired gymn cards.
16) Make up mirror - Hubby does not have a mirror in his car!
17) Samples of cardstock.
18) ID book.
19) Remote for the gate at my mom's place.

And that is it!

It has been a rather busy week since I last posted, I have actually been feeling very overwelmed with life in general. Colin and I went shopping for new bedding this last weekend and it was exhausting work! We walked backwards and forwards I don't know how many times, but eventually found what we wanted. Now I just need Colin and the boys to paint the bedroom, as I think the new bedding will clash terribly with the pink walls! All very exciting as it is about 7 years since we last redid our bedroom! Will post a picture once it is all done.

Good news is that Chilly went for his last visit at the vet on Tuesday. The vet is very happy with him and now he just needs to get used to only having one leg, and a small stump on the other side.

I babysat my friends baby today. She is gorgeous, but I totally forgot what it is like to have a baby around! To make matters worse we went and had lunch with my sister Herlien today. She was actually fine the whole time, but started screaming on the way back! My mom eventually climbed to the back and tried to give her a bottle, but she was not a happy girl! I think I will stay at home with her next time, until I get used to all her little quirks!

I think that is about all for now - later .....