Tuesday, 29 April 2008

My day!

I had a really good day today! Two friends came around to play at my house this morning and we had a great time scrapping! I now also have 4 confirmed parties and 1 query. I am very excited!

On the downside my son Michael is rather sick at the moment. He has severe bronchitis and the doctor was quite concerned that it could be pneumonia. Fortunately not, so the boy is on antibiotics, cortisone and a pump. Poor thing sounded terrible last night and this morning, but the doctor nebulised him and he is sounding much better! Thank goodness for good medical care.

The rest of the family are doing well, with hubbie at home today and tomorrow, and then the kids home again until Monday. I really enjoy having Colin home with me! We went to Cape Gate to have photos developed this afternoon and ended up having lunch. Needless to say we still had supper as well. Some lovely wildebees sausage - tasted really good!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Various things

Hello everybody, it has been so long it almost feels as if I have to introduce myself again. It has been an extremely eventful week, as I decided last weekend that I can't give up on A Scrap Above that easily! I have made some price adjustments on my website, changed my advert in Cape Town's Child and went to 4 after care's this week to tell the kids all about the exciting classes I am going to be doing at their schools! The kids were all very nice and very excited and couldn't wait to take the forms home to their mothers/fathers! It was a wonderful boost to my self esteem - I should have done this months ago! AND the 4 after care's are all in our road!

To make things even better, I have had quite a few queries for parties and will be doing one this coming Friday! It is really amazing how things have been this week, I am very excited and hopeful for the future again.

On the downside my maid is leaving us on Wednesday and I will have to start doing my own housework for the first time in years! ANYTHING to stay at home I guess! My children will have to pull up their socks very fast and start doing there own rooms at least.

Anyway, that is it in a nutshell. Will keep you up to date!

Thursday, 17 April 2008


Jamie looked so cute yesterday that I just had to take a photo! She chewed right through the top rung of her ladder and was sitting with one foot on each side, her back against the back of the cage, chewing on her toys. She is such a character! There is little bits of leather lying all over her cage now.

I heard today that my job application was not successful, so I will keep on trying.

Sleep well.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


I went for an interview in Stellenbosch today. I meant to take my camera with to take photos on the way back, but in the rush forgot about it. The offices are stunning with the most beautiful mountain views. AND it is right next to a shopping centre - can a person ask for anything more? The interview went well so will now have to wait and see what happens.

Other than that I went scrapping yesterday - it was great! Now I must keep myself busy for a while until either I go work or my teacher comes back. Believe it or not, I exhausted my supply of digital photos for now and must now go and scrap the old photos. I never thought that it would happen so soon! Will have to take more photos soon.

Have a great day!

Monday, 14 April 2008

What a day!

We had a very quiet weekend, but it was lovely! My sister decided that it is time to start scrapbooking, and she arrived early on Saturday so that we could go shopping. We first had to have an early lunch at Wimpy while her photos were developed and then it was of to the CNA and PNA for a bit of shopping. We unfortunately got out of the house to late to go to a decent scrapbook shop! She managed to get quite a few nice things and we had a wonderful afternoon of scrapping! My friend Carol and her hubbie came around on Saturday night for a braai, so while the men were braaing, the ladies did some more scrapping! As I said, my two favourite passtimes combined!

Today has also been quiet as I am busy "studying" Excel. My sister brought me a book and CD that helps you learn the program. So far it has been very easy, because it is all the basics that I know already! Other than that I haven't done much, except that I had to run a few errands this morning.

My scrapbook teacher is back briefly so I can look forward to a nice scrapping session at her house tomorrow! Yipppeeee! Missed you Stef!

Friday, 11 April 2008


I think I have finally accepted the fact that I have to go and work again. But, I have also decided that if I have to work I might as well get a nice high-powered position! Pointless doing things in half measures. I went to Cape Gate this morning to collect some photos and then dawdled around looking at clothes. I love clothes and for a high powered job you need gorgeous clothing! One of the plusses I guess!

Anyway, at the moment I am applying for anything that looks good and will keep you up to date!

Have a great weekend and be blessed!

Wednesday, 09 April 2008


This is Jessie's favourite pose. If possible in full sun! One of my friends out there complained because I never show you any photos of her, so here she is!!!
She is an extremely placid dog that wouldn't bite anybody, but when somebody rings the doorbell and Scruffy starts barking, the two of them charge the front door at the same time and make an enormous racket, with the result that people are terrified of her because she is a staffie!

Brenda's Girls

(You can click on the image to make it bigger).
Well, here it is. I had to take a photo as my scanner works perfectly well, but I can't stitch them together with the program I have. That is also why there is a nice flash on the one photo, but anyway.

I don't have a very eventful day planned today. Going to drop my daughter of at her boy "friend's" house, then of to my mothers house to find some documents that they need while they are away, want to go to The Deckle Edge to buy posts for my album and then back home. I also have to take Richard back to the doctor for a checkup as he says his stomach is still bothering him at times and then I must also see the doctor for new perscriptions. Very boring! Hopefully I can sort out some photos this afternoon for printing for my next layouts. At least that will be a bit more interesting!

A quick update on Jessie is that she is walking much easier now that the medication has kicked in properly, she also looks a bit thinner around the waist!

Tuesday, 08 April 2008


I had a very good day today! Got up at 08H00, fed all the pets, washed my hair, had breakfast and then scrapped until about 14H00. It is what I would call a perfect day! I finished only one LO, but also did journalling on three others that I did ages ago. Not bad going I think, considering that I am not crazy about doing journalling at the best of times. I enjoyed doing my LO today, because I changed it completely from when I started it last week. I took my one set of acrylic stamps called freestyle alphabet, stamped it onto pink paper, cut it out, and then glued it onto my blue layout. It came out very funky! It is a LO about my friend in England's daughter and granddaughters, so I felt the stamps were very appropriate, but didn't want to stamp it directly onto the LO. Took me forever to cut out, but I think it was worth it. I will scan it and put it on my blog sometime.

The rest of the day passed quietly.

Monday, 07 April 2008

Back to reality!

"Mango Groove" at Driftwoods on Friday night.
On the beach at Friday Island Sunday morning.

Not tooooo bad for 23 years!
Our weekend turned out quite nice! We left Cape Town at about 13H00 on Friday, arrived in Langebaan, chilled for a while and then went for dinner at Driftwoods. Driftwoods is right on the beach. I had "HRH Charles" which consisted of baked chicken with a filling of vegetables. Colin had a steak with mushroom sauce. The food was exelent! We ended the meal of with amarula dom pedros and then went driving around trying to find the "Weskus makietie", which ended up being Afrikaans music. Needless to say we didn't spend any time there as we don't really like Afrikaans music.
Slept late on Saturday morning, had breakfast and then went of to Saldanha. I was very dissapointed as it was not exactly a photo opportunity. You are not supposed to take photos at all as it is sort of a "military area", but there was really nothing worth taking the chance over! Will rather find some decent rocks and waves at another time. We visited a scrapbooking buddy in Langebaan in the afternoon and then had a braai all by ourselves on Saturday night! I can just imagine what it is going to be like once it is just the 2 of us again! At the moment I cook for 7 people every day! It was yummy and then we watched 2 DVD's.
Slept in again on Sunday morning. We got to Friday Island at 11H30 and they were closed for breakfast! I was very dissapointed and to add insult to injury one of the men lit up a cigarette and I was totally cheesed of! We moved to another table and I ended up having Crumbed pork with a filling of spinach and feta with a cheese sauce over and Colin had a burger with thai style onions. Also very delicious, but not quite bacon and eggs!!!! We went for a bit of a walk on the beach thereafter and then back to Cape Town. I decided to take photos of the clouds on the way back and the dear long suffering husband eventually got very fed up with me asking him to stop every so often so that I could take photos of the clouds! We ended our perfectly enjoyable weekend by having an argument. Anyway, we will survive that one as well! Got some lovely photos of the clouds and will definitely do a LO on them.
Oh yes, we came home to "What's for supper?" and I knew our peacefull weekend was over!
Enjoy your day!

Friday, 04 April 2008

Off we go!

Here is the picture of Colin and Richard putting new barge boards on the house! Now I can drive up the road, look at the house and not think: "Oh, my poor house looks terrible!" Thanks guys! It took quite a while to get to this point, but the others will go a lot faster. The "renovations" on the outside of the house is slowly getting done and I am feeling much happier with it. Once they are finished on the outside I have a lot for them to do inside! Shame! I am very grateful that I have such handy men though.

Well, it is of to Langebaan for Colin and myself today. I have a chiropractor appointment at 12H00 in Durbanville and we are planning to leave from there. My neck is still very sore, so I hope that she can magically make it better today. It really sucks getting older! I am looking forward to our weekend, thanks to those who made suggestions! All I seem to need for the weekend is body chocolate and lingeree! Their is a Art and Craft cultural festival in Langebaan this weekend that should be very nice and Colin might go fishing. I will sit on the beach and take photos while he is fishing. We also want to go for a drive to take photos at Saldanha where the sea and the lagoon meets. It is beautiful there. Watch this space for photos!

Anyway guys, have a stunning weekend and I will report back on Monday!!

Thursday, 03 April 2008

Bits and pieces

I woke up to this site this morning! Boys sleeping everywhere! As some ladies came to my house today to do some scrapping in our teachers absence, I had to get them up quite early! We had a great time scrapping though and are planning to do it again next Tuesday as our teacher is really galavanting all over the place! Lucky thing, I think I am just jealous!

This is my gorgeous daughter that turned 14 on Saturday. She celebrated by having a whole crowd of teenagers over on Friday night for a party. It was rather loud, but luckily we could close the interleading door and have reasonable peace. It was actually quite nice as they played games, listened to music and basically acted silly all evening.
I wanted to add a photo of Colin working on the roof, but the silly blogger wouldn't download it. Will try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, 02 April 2008

I'm bored!

I guess I have to be bored to sit on the blog for the second time today! Colin and Robyn are playing Scrabble, Andrew is down the passage somewhere and the big boys are out - not to forget that there is cricket on TV! Not even anything to watch! I went to the chiropractor this afternoon as my neck is very painful. She really is great, I am already feeling a bit better and must go again on Friday before my romantic weekend away! For your viewing pleasure I have included a photo of the house we are going to stay in this weekend.
I had an e-mail from a friend today complaining that I haven't blogged since last week. At least I know she reads it!! LOL
Andrew just brought me a headless Kendoll with one of Barbie's outfits on. Very interesting! Anyway I lied and my neck is still very sore, think I must take a painkiller and go to bed!
Bye for now!

School holidays

I enjoy school holidays because I can stay in bed later and I don't have to worry about snacks for school, etc, but I hate school holidays as the kids drive me crazy!!!!!! Took them to see another movie yesterday, The Spiderwick Chronicles - VERY weird, about faries and goblins and stuff. It was relaxing though as you can basically sit back and forget about the world out there for a while.

Had my usual Wednesday morning breakfast with my mom and spent some time at Tygervalley and the beadshop. They have such amazing beads that I actually feel like doing some again! My hubbie is home for 3 days to work on the house. The pool is now scrubbed and ready to pack away until next summer, sounds odd I know, but the plan is to buy a "proper" pool pump during this coming winter and then to set the pool up properly next year as the current pool pump is not very effective and the water stayed murky. Soooo we have a huge piece of ground back again where the pool stood before. He has now gone to buy the "stuff" to do the barge boards.

Had to take Jessie the staffie to the vet on Monday. She was limping badly and the vet wanted to take some x-rays. She has osteo-arthritis in her left front elbow and has to go onto tablets for 3 weeks. She also has to start eating a special diet formulated for joint disease. She also has to loose weight and go back to the vet in 3 weeks time. Poor thing, she loves to eat and is suffering terribly! She is already walking better though, so here's hoping! Colin had the audacity to ask the vet if he could feed me the same food as I also have osteo-arthritis - cheeky creature!

Any ideas of what we can take with this coming weekend for our wedding anniversary celebration? I decided that it is pointless buying a new negligee, but there must be lots of other suggestions.