Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Internetless AGAIN!

Hello again everybody! As you can see from the title of this post, I am internetless again and decided to use hubbies 3G card this evening. I couldn't get the silly thing to upload photos, so I will have to show you another day. The good news is that I think I have finally convinced the hubby to find us another internet provider - the current one really sucks big time!

It was Colin's birthday on Saturday. We had a lovely day! We went to Clifton beach in the morning (I took stunning photos) for a walk and we all had a great time. Our family has now shrunk to only 4 of us going out together! In the afternoon we had a lot of visitors for tea and in the evening Colin and I decided to go out for cocktails. Unfortunately the one restaurant that does serve cocktails had live music and it was far too noisy for us! We then went to good old Spur and had Don Pedro's and shared a platter. All in all I think the man had a good day!

Sunday was very quiet - all we did was go to Stodels to replace some of the plants that my son murdered while we were away! He didn't water them and it was very hot! Anyway we are making him pay for some of the replacement plants!

I went shopping with my sister on Monday as she needs new clothes for her new job that she starts at next Monday. Shopping is always fun! We went to friends in the evening for a games evening and obviously that was also great!

My gorgeous son Richard got his matric results today and yes, he passed! We are very proud of him. Also took a photo, but will show you another day!

We are currently trying to raise a little turtle dove. My friends cat decided to catch the poor thing and he was luckily saved! We brought it home last night to try and feed the little thing. It didn't want to eat much, but I am happy to report that he ate quite nicely this afternoon! (Yet again another photo that couldn't be uploaded)

We are having friends and family around tomorrow night (31st) for a braai and games. It promises to be a lot of fun. We are then leaving for Langebaan on the 1st and will be back again on the 3rd. Doubt it I will get a chance to blog until then, so Happy New Year to all my fans! I pray that 2009 will be a great year for you!


Friday, 26 December 2008

Mock crocks

Oh yes, I don't consider the beach as being out in public. What I mean by public is shopping etc! If you look at some of the sights on the beach, the crocks fade in comparison!

More holiday photos

Michael and Allisen came up to spend the las night with us. We went for a last walk on the beach in the evening. A very noisy, crazy bunch of people! The "kids" ran around like lunatics and had great fun.
The sun rising behind the clouds. Colin, Herlien and I went for a very early morning walk (6H00) on her last day there and it was very overcaust. It looked really great!

The sister and I. Still looking half asleep, but walking anyway.

Wearing Robyn's new sunglasses. She insisted on having a red pair of hearshaped glasses. She looks quite cute with them on, don't think it suits me though!

A photo of the rocks and stones.

Andrew and Keagan playing with cars. Andrew was so busy that we took very few photos of him this time round. He thoroughly enjoyed his freedom and we very rarely knew where he was. Sounds scary, but anyway.

Colin made a potjie on the Tuesday night. Absolutely delicious! The man is really good!

We really did have a great time and we were all very relaxed and rested when we got home.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas & Holiday

We decided to put our Christmas tree up before our holiday this year. Colin checked the lights under duress and we ended up having to buy a new set of lights. I think checking the lights is always the worst part! Untangling especially! After that he didn't have a choice but to put the tree up as Andrew nagged him a lot. The kids had great fun putting all the decorations on. This photo was taken on Christmas eve.
I started collecting the Woollies Christmas bears when Andrew gave me one as a gift 3 years ago. I quite like the 2008 one. It is called Mr Chuckles and looks rather different. We will see how big the collection becomes over the coming years! It is fun teddies to have as they only come out at Christmas time!
An action photo I took when we went for a early morning walk during our holiday. I was rather pleased with the result. I love the sea (to look at, not to swim in) and I actually took a lot less photos than what I planned on taking.
My sister took this photo of us. It does look rather like two elderly people relaxing on a bench, but anyway. Check my lovely green "mock" crocks! I hate the shoes, but they are perfect for walking on the beach. I walked in them and then immediately took them of when we got back to the caravan, they are far to ugly to be seen in public with.

Isn't it just stunning! We would like to go for Christmas next year and definitely for longer than just a week. This is the view as you walk back towards the caravan park.
It was a lovely holiday. Robyn asked me every morning "Mommy what are we doing today?" My standard answer was "As little as possible." Camping holidays are the best, as you don't have to stress too much about cleaning up - whatever gets spilled in the tent goes right through the groundsheet into the sand - and the food is also very easy to do. Salads, braais, etc. Oh yes, and don't forget the potjie! Will post some more photos tomorrow.
We visited a new church today. It is very small and we know about 75% of the people already. I really felt very comfortable and loved! Because we know the people most of them came and hugged us - it was actually rather emotional for me as we have known some of the people for about 14 years, and haven't seen them for a while. We are difinitely going back again on Sunday!
Merry Christmas to all of you! May the Lord bless you today and in 2009!

Monday, 08 December 2008

Prams and hair?

We decided to go shopping for a pram yesterday for our soon to be born grandchild. Michael and Allisen went with us, but basically left it up to us to decide on which one. (We do have loads of experience I suppose!) We first went to Ackermans baby company and saw the one as shown below, but the dear hubby first wanted to see what there was at the other shops. We walked all the way to the other side of the shooping centre and ended up going back to Ackermans! It came in a box and I told Michael that he had to put the pram together when we got home so that I can take photos! He did! This is what it looked like when he pulled it out of the box, but he kept on standing with his back and bum to me while I took photos.
Completely assembled with the soon to be mom and dad! Oh yes, and Andrew had to get himself in the picture!
I had a hair appointment last week and was very tempted to cut it all of as I am really suffering with the heat, but anyway decided not too and as a compromise decided to put pink highlights in. I was rather dissapointed as I expected the pink to show up more, but you can decide.
Not very pink at all, except when I stand in the sun.
I did workshops at the after care down the road this morning. There were 79 kids and we made the frames with groups of between 7 and 17 kids. I think the kids enjoyed it, but I was exhausted afterwards, the standing kills me! At least now I have a bit of spending money again! I also have workshops on Wednesday and Friday mornings, but with a lot less kids.
Other than that there is not much to report, we are just wilting in the heat. Thank goodness for air conditioners!

Wednesday, 03 December 2008

Almost holidays!

The layout I finished on Monday. I scraplifted from a Becky Higgins Sketch and used paper that my sister gave me. Thanks Lynette!
Some more of Colin's photos. This one is of a poor half frozen bird! He knew I would like it.
There are Christmas markets all over the city.

He took this one through the window. It is of a giant father christmas made entirely out of chocolate. No, he didn't buy it for me.
I had a great day scrapping yesterday. It was the last class for the year and I think we all enjoyed it. We had our year end breakfast last Friday and that was also very pleasant.
The rest of my day yesterday was a bit "deurmekaar" again, but I survived it and it is a new day! My mom and I are having our last breakfast for the year later this morning and I think we must go somewhere nice. She also has a few other things to do so it will be a busy morning.

The man left very early this morning as he had to be in town by 07H00 this morning and will be late tonight. Fortunately his leave starts on Saturday, so it is the last time this year. So many "last times", I think I must make a scrapbook page, don't you think?
Anyway have a great day, speak soon!

Monday, 01 December 2008

He's back!

Well, the man came home yesterday and it is really great to have him back! He actually took quite a few photos, none with him in it, but he is still learning. Here is a few of his photos:
It was snowing on the first night when he went for supper.
He did some sight-seeing on Sunday and did quite a bit of walking.

We took Michael out for supper for his birthday. Don't worry, he wasn't drunk, just acting!

Richard was holding the straw paper and Michael was cutting it with the steak knife. And they call themselves adults! We had a lovely evening.

Of course the man had to go back to work today, so it was just a normal Monday for me. We had to go to the High School to collect Robyn's text books for next year and then we did a bit of shopping for stickers. I wonder why?
We went to the "Liggieboom" at Andrews school on Saturday evening, but it was raining. They moved the play and carols by candlelight to the hall, but unfortunately their was not enough space for everybody. We had supper and then went home. We did however hear the fire works later on in the evening.
I also had a very good session scrapping with my friend on Saturday. Will show you a layout tomorrow.
Sleep well!