Wednesday, 26 December 2007


This is a photo of all the people that had Christmas lunch at our house!

We started the day by waking Andrew up after 8h00 as the poor child had so many late nights that he couldn't wake us up at his usual 5 am! Quickly opened all our presents and then went of to church. Had a lovely time in church and then it was home again to prepare our house for the crowd!

It is always a lot of work having such a huge amount of people, but was so totally worth it at the end of the day as everybody had a good time. Our lounge was back to normal at about 9 pm last night, but we really had a good day.

Colin gave me a lovely pair of gold earrings, Michael and Richard gave me books, Robyn gave me the Freshlyground CD (juck!) and Andrew gave me a vase. And I also got LOTS of chocolates! I asked for the CD as I liked the Potbelly song on it, not knowing that the rest of the CD would be rather "weird".

Anyway, now we have to wait a whole year for the next one!


50 Years on and this is what they look like now!

We had a really good party and drank lots of delicious punch, sparkling wine and lots of other stuff. The kids swam and the family did a very great catch-up. The spit meat was absolutely divine and the cook definitely deserves a medal. My boys obviously totally stuffed themselves on meat and very little salad as mom wasn't really taking to much notice of what was on their plates.

All I can say is that people that can stay married for such a long time truly deserves a magnificent party in an absolutely lovely venue - and that is just what they got, thanks to my sister and her husband.

I am planning to make them an album of their anniversary party while we are away for the next two weeks, I am sure they will like it.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

50 years

Yesterday was my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary! I think this photo of them is just to gorgeous and they look so much in love!
We are having a party for them this evening at my sisters house in Somerset West. My brother and his family arrived in Cape Town from Johannesburg yesterday, and my sister, her husband and daughter will be arriving today from Port Elizabeth. An occassion worth celebrating!
Watch this space for some photos of the celebration!

Friday, 21 December 2007

On holiday!

For those of you that would like to see my ring, will try and take a photo tomorrow.

Had a goodish day today. Got to the bank really early this morning (9H15), stood in the que for 15 minutes just to be told that I never did this whole vica (??) thing, which I quite clearly remember doing with Colin Anyway, had to come all the way home again to find an account and then go back to the bank. At least now my internet banking is sorted out and I can do my own transfers from now on! Good news! Inbetween all that I had to go and show the ladies at my now ex work my new ring. They obviously liked it!

Colin came home just after 11H00 - lovely surprise as he always says he will come early and then normally doesn't. We went to Cape Gate and bought him a fishing rod. Well, for those of you that have never done this - don't bother! Most boring shopping trip I have ever gone on!!!! Anyway, he wanted it for his birthday so I guess I am happy. Hopefully the men wont be too successful at fishing when we go to Langebaan as fish is not my favourite food!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

A new ring

I know it has been quite some time since my last blog, but ..... I actually can't think of any excuses, so please forgive me. It has been a busy past week, with lots of Christmas shopping and just being on holiday. I took the kids to go and watch "Surfs Up", very cute, and other than that it was just rushing around. I bought that new pillow that Homemark is advertising, you know the one with the soft springs? Anyway, I haven't slept properly for two nights - since we bought it of course! Thinking of taking it back ..... I am a very miserable creature when I don't get enought sleep! The good news is that we are basically finished with our shopping!

I have been wanting a new wedding ring for quite a while now, a diamond ring set in white and yellow gold. Well ..... I finally got it on Wednesday and I am very happy with it!!! Now I can wear it with both gold and silver jewellery - very important you know!

I've had a few swims in our pool and I am really glad that we got it, it is just so lovely being able to go into my own back garden to swim, and not to have to schlep all the way to the other side of Brackenfell. And obviously it is very private - nobody around to see my wobbly bits!

Colin will be on holiday from tomorrow afternoon - GREAT!!! I really enjoy having him at home!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Our pool

In summer, and especially in the school holidays, my kids constantly nag me to take them swimming by granny and it frustrated me terribly! Colin was away last week and I decided, in my wisdom, to go out and buy a pool. The kids were very excited and we ended up coming home with a pool, pump (to blow up the pool edge) and floater. If Robyn and Andrew had their way we would also have added all the toys that can be used in the pool!

Colin was very upset with me when he found out what I did, but fortunately the pool is still there and the kids are having a great time! No more nagging to go visit grannies pool! So far the water has been to cold for me to go in, but I am sure that with time I will have my first dip.


My aunt gave me these stunning pillow covers that she bought in Kuwait, and at the time I didn't know what I was going to do with them! We had a pink leather couch in the "braai" room, which is now my workroom. The couch in the lounge was very uncomfortable and we wanted to throw it out, so we decided to colour the leather couch navy blue and to then put it in the lounge. When the people arrived to give us a quote, Colin decided to ask them for a price to fix our said lounge couch! We had both fixed and now I have a stunning BLACK leather couch in my workroom and the pillows look great! The room will eventually be a braai room again and will look very nice, we will just add to the furniture.

Thursday, 06 December 2007

4 sleeps

The kids and I got back late yesterday after spending a lovely time in Langebaan. The wind blew like crazy, but we still relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. Robyn and her friend went swimming on Monday afternoon (crazy kids!), but the rest of us were satisfied with just walking on the beach.

I haven't heard much from Colin, but I do believe that he is enjoying himself and learning a lot at the course he is doing. At least we are now more than half way with the time that he is away.

I don't really have any plans for the next two days, so NOTHING exciting is happening with us. Going into town tomorrow morning with a friend and my mom and another friend will be coming for dinner tonight, so I guess I must quickly decide what to make!

Monday, 03 December 2007

I had a very busy day today. Went shopping without Colin for the first time in 3 months. It was fun! I bought a few things that he would never have let slip into the trolley! Andrew performed all the way from home to the shop and all the way back again! We spent some time at home while I cooked supper and then went off to my mom for the afternoon. Had great fun at Stodels choosing some plants for the garden and discussing what would look good on the pavement. Richard will plant all the new purchases for me tomorrow morning - what a good son! Then I went off to the hairdresser for a haircut - I always enjoy that! Came out with a bit of a new look.

Inbetween all that the people came to collect our couches to fix them up, so now I have LOTS of space in the lounge and my studio! The pink couch will be fixed up and "painted" black. That is apparently what they do with leather. The other couch will just be fixed up so that our bums don't feel as if they are hanging on the floor whenever we sit down - very uncomfortable.

Robyn, a friend, Andrew and I are going off to Langebaan tomorrow. A friend of mine has a holiday home there and we decided to go up and sleep over tomorrow night. A nice break! I can't take photos at the moment as Colin took it with to America. I actually miss it, a good before and after photo of the couch would have been good and also a photo or two of the new plants I bought. Anyway, I guess it is more important for him to have it this week!

Don't miss me too much tomorrow - should be able to post again on Wednesday night!

Sunday, 02 December 2007

8 Sleeps

2 sleeps down, 8 to go! I got my first sms from Colin yesterday. The plane from Johannesburg to Washington was delayed with the result that he missed his connecting flight to Orlando. Had to wait at the airport for 5 hours. Poor guy was exhausted after spending 26 hours on the plane! Got another sms today saying that he slept well and he sends his love to all. He went for a long walk this morning. He loves going for walks in new cities, because he can see a lot that way.

My weekend wasn't to bad, very nice in fact. Spent a wonderful time at Colin's aunt's 60th birthday in Paarl. The food was good, company was great, view was incredible, I could just imagine myself sitting at the top of the garden, under the tree, reading a book and drinking a cup of coffee - pure bliss!! My sister spent the afternoon with me and we made some christmas decorations, scrapbook style. I went to visit my friend in Monte Vista this morning and then had supper at my mothers house - not bad at all. Now the kids are busy watching Superman returns and I am knitting and fiddling with the computer.

Have a reasonably busy week planned, will see if it all works out!

Friday, 30 November 2007

10 sleeps

Colin left for America this afternoon and is currently flying somewhere over Africa on his way to Dakar where they will refuel and then carry on to Washington. He will arrive in Orlando tomorrow about 18H00 our time. I miss him already and don't know how I am going to get through the next 10 days without him! Will just have to keep very busy I suppose .....

The house is very quiet. I just put Andrew to bed and waiting for Robyn to be dropped off. Michael went out with friends and Richard is sleeping out. Not scared, just very quiet.
Michael brought his new computer home tonight and it is now lying all over my diningroom table. I don't know where he is going to keep it yet, our house is not exactly huge, but we will make a plan tomorrow. Can't live with my diningroom looking like this!
Anyway, of to bed now ..... first night sleeping on my own .....

Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Colin and I attended a Thanksgiving service at church tonight and it made me think ......

What am I grateful for:

  1. That Colin supported my decision to leave Freshmark.

  2. That I was able to buy A Scrap Above.

  3. That Andrew did very well academically this year.

  4. That the Lord healed me and set me free in many areas of my life and thereby strengthened my relationship with Him and with Colin.

  5. For our Growth Group.

  6. For my friends - you know who you are!

  7. For a domestic worker that is reliable, trustworthy and a Christian.

  8. For parents that are healthy and supportive.

  9. For Jan Kriel school.

  10. For all my children.

  11. That I have a car that takes me where I need to go.

  12. For Medical Aid.

Actually too many things to mention!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

My little green monster

I was sitting on the couch this afternoon watching Jamie eating and was again absolutely amazed at how beautifully and wonderfully God created her. The way her claw can take the smallest piece of food and hold it so delicately in order to eat it. All it is is four toes that look like dinosour toes and they work so well! And the balance - absolutely amazing - no trouble with eye hand control there!

She is not a very popular bird though, people are very scared of her, because she bites, not gentle little nibbles, but vicious bites that leave people scarred and bleeding! She came and cuddled on my shoulder and spent the next half hour purring and kissing me and turning herself in all directions so that I could kiss her everywhere and she was just to gorgeous for words. Unfortunately Colin and I are the only people that ever experience that, because by the looks of it she accepts us. People can't understand how it is possible to love such a vicious little thing, but when she is so loving, it is impossible not to love her. I remember her from when she was still a baby and eating porridge, sleeping on my chest with her little claws curled up and stretched out. What is not to love? Anyway, who can even begin to understand the relationship between human beings and their pets? She will continue to be loving and occasionally biting me, and people will continue looking at her with fear, but I look at her and see a gorgeous, unique being, created by God and given to me to look after.

Monday, 26 November 2007

My beautiful son turns 21

Tomorrow morning at 07H10 my firstborn will be turning 21. We had a very nice family braai for him yesterday and everybody enjoyed it very much. Robyn made a poster and I named it "Michaels journey to 21".

Looking at the poster afterwards I realised just how far we have come in the past 21 years. He was this gorgeous little baby that screamed a lot and drove me almost insane, but very proud that I could create such a gorgeous little thing (with a little bit of help from Colin of course!)

It was really lovely having the whole family here and catching up with them a bit. Max tried to convince me that it is much further from Fish Hoek to Brackenfell than what it is from here to Fish Hoek, but we still felt very honoured having him, Aunty Judith and Karl here with us. The amazing thing for me was that Max quoted " Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass - its about learning to dance in the rain" for Michael in his birthday card and then when I opened my e-mail this morning there was a mail from Stefanie with exactly the same quote! Must be God at work as I felt it to be a very apt quote!

I just realised that my little boy has grown up into a gorgeous young man that I am very proud of. For those of you out there with the appropriate age daughter - he asked me to add his cell number, but I think you can rather phone me for it!