Sunday, 26 July 2009

You are my King

I'm forgiven, because You were forsaken
I'm accepted, because You were condemned
I'm alive and well, Your Spirit is within me
Because You died and rose again.

Amazing love, how can it be
That You my King would die for me
Amazing love, I know it's true
It's my joy to honour You
In all I do, to honour You.

You are my King
You are my King
Jesus, You are my King
You are my King.

We had an amazing time of worship at church this morning and this song really spoke to me. It is so amazing that God loves us so much that He gave us His Son so that we can have everlasting life, how sad for the people that do not believe or know Him!

It also made me realise what a big responsibility we have in showing unconditional love to others, because that is the instruction, to love others as God loves us. Not easy at all as we tend to critisize other people very easily and think that we are in some way better than them. I have learned to love my husband, children, friends and family unconditionally, but it is the "unlovable people" that are the challenge.


Lynette said...

That is the sort of love only God can birth within is only by His Spirit that we can love the unlovable unconditionally.

Stefanie said...

I struggle with that one too.
Glad you enjoyed it, it can be great worshiping communally again.

Charmaine T said...


Yes, this is sooooo true. But is very hard sometimes to achieve. I can only strive to love unconditionaly towards everybody!!!!

Enjoy your day!!!!!