Monday, 07 July 2008

Coffee in bed

Just a quick post as I am in rather a hurry this morning! Colin and I are going to Pretoria for the afternoon as he is receiving his award this afternoon.

I set my alarm for 7H00 this morning and was still "snoozing" my cellphone when Michael came into the bedroom. I asked him to make me a cup of coffee and carried on sleeping. Anyway, he brought me my coffee and I propped myself up with the continental pillow so that I could comfortably drink my coffee. I felt myself dozing off all the time though. I woke up with Scruffy jumping of the bed and a very wet feeling under my bum! As I dozed off I dropped my cup and Scruffy got most of it all over him, but a lot also went all over the duvet, blanket, sheets and onto the mattress. Scruffy went storming down the passage and I had to quickly pull all the bedding of and get some of it into the wash. I found Scruffy in the lounge - poor thing was sopping wet on his one side so I dried him with a towel. Needless to say I now have this pile of washing and we are leaving for the airport in a little while! I am sure the kids can sort it out for me, but I have visions of coming home at midnight tonight to an unmade bed! I tried to dry my mattress with the hairdrier but their is now a huge stain on it - any suggestions?

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Stefanie said...

My goodness, I hope it wasn't too hot!