Thursday, 19 February 2009

Blogging again

I would actually enjoy doing the "one answer questions" thing, but too lazy to write them down and then type them again.

We took Chillie back to the vet on Tuesday and the poor thing had to have his leg amputated. The leg didn't grow back on at all and his foot was dead. He is managing amazingly well. My sister and I went to the pet shop on Saturday and bought him a new cage. It is actually a hamster cage, but perfect for him at this stage. The bars are much closer together, there is a few platforms for him to sit on and it has a lot of floorspace, but much lower than his old cage. He even climbs to the top of his cage again. He seems very happy. Also using the little stump when he climbs or walks. Last visit to the vet will be in 2 weeks time to remove the bandage. I will be very glad when it is all over.
On the baby front Michael and the mother is not seeing each other any more - just too many issues and arguments between them. Baby is due any day now and I am quite excited to see baby when it comes!

I went to see somebody from church this morning and felt very lonely afterwards. I went and wandered around a local shopping centre and did some shopping. Bought some stickers at Crazy Store, 2 t-shirts (on sale) and a sexy little number (not on sale) from Miladys, Chockies from Clicks and hot cross buns from Checkers. Did phone my mom inbetween all that to invite her to meet me for coffee, but unfortunately she couldn't make it. Feeling better now, retail therapy always does wonders!

I won't say to much about last week as it was a bit stressful, but I am back in bloggie land at least! My mom has now decided when they are going to move. It will be towards the end of March so I must book my plane ticket. Pity that where they are moving to is so far from PE as it would have been nice spending some time with my sister before flying back to Cape Town. Oh well, can't have everything I guess. Oh and I am helping my mom drive her car, that is why I must fly back. I think I will need a lot of prayer for the trip there as I am not crazy about driving.

It is going well on the home front - Richard started working with his dad and will be there for the next 6 - 8 weeks. Very nice experience for him and a regular income, well at least for 2 months! The other kids are well, I just had a revelation about Andrew this morning. I think that he is struggling to learn as he really has a problem with reading. The school offers tape aid, and we are going to speak to them about Andrew trying that out. He basically learns by listening to Colin, so I think it will help him!

Anyway, got to go. Speak again soon .....


Lynette said...

Glad you found your happy place again. Sorry to hear about Chillie and the baby problems...sure hope that sorts itself out before the baby is due. On our side...Lache has to be flat on her back until the baby is due in 12 weeks. That is going to take some doing.

Stefanie said...

1- copy and paste, then just edit the answers
2- trust Chillie will go from stregth to strength
3- sorry couldn't kuier this am
4- will see you tomorrow though
5- trust that the baby thing comes right as you and Colin have so much to offer that little one.

Anonymous said...

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