Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Today is better than yesterday

I did not have a very good day yesterday. I decided to make an appointment with the chyropractor and could go at 11H30. It was very painfull but very relaxing at the same time. She was busy with me for about half an hour. I then stopped at a local shop to buy some fabric softener, came home and then went out again at 14H00 to fetch Robyn. I had to stop to draw money on the way back from picking her up as I had a hair appointment at 15H00. When I tried starting the car the thing wouldn't start! I was highly irritated as I had very little time. I phoned my mom, as Colin was in town, and she came and saved me. She dropped Robyn of at home and then dropped me of at the hairdresser. I was not happy when I walked back into the house after 5 as my house was a major mess! I got the hairdresser to put pink bits in my hair again. This time she first bleached my hair and then put the pink on. I am happy with the result, except that the "stripes" should have been broader. The hairdresser said that the pink would get lighter every time I washed it, at the moment it is a dark pink. If you click on the photo and enlarge it, you can actually see the pink!
I woke up this morning with a terrible pain in my back. It feels bruised and everytime I sit for a while it stiffens up. Anyway, I am going back for another session with the chyro tomorrow, so hopefully it will be a lot better after that. I obviously told dear hubby that I couldn't possibly clean up with such a sore back and that they would all have to do it tonight! To tell you the truth I would rather have no pain!

Andrew was "very" sick this morning and didn't go to school so I had to take him with me to scrapbooking. He was actually very good and didn't bug us too much. I did this layout this morning. Very happy with it, but afterwards I had no inspiration to do another layout and just sat and chatted to the ladies. Another Becky Higgins sketch.

Richard came home early today so I was very happy to send him of to fetch Robyn at school! I really do not enjoy driving, specially not in this heat!

It is an extremely hot day in Cape Town today (again) and I can't wait for winter to start. Thank goodness the aircon is fixed!

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Lynette said...

Hope you are better...You have been tagged sis.