Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Back to school!

The long awaited day has finally arrived! The kids went back to school! I sincerely hope that this year is going to be better than last year.
Andrew is going to High School this year, Grade 7 is classified as high school. Robyn is going to Grade 10 and Richard is going back to school to redo maths and do science as he wants to go and study Engineering next year.
First time ever I saw Richard doing homework! After a swim as it is hellishly hot today.
We had a games evening on New Years Eve. My sister Herlien and her new husband Mark came...
Stefanie, her hubby and 2 kids ...
And us of course. We had a braai and played games. Some of us got REALLY competitive, won't mention any names ....

We went to Langebaan from 3 to 10 January and here are some photos:
My friend's hubby bought her this t-shirt in America, isn't it cute! I asked very nicely and he will bring me one next time.
I just love this photo. It wasn't late, but I liked the sun shining on the water ...
We visited the West Coast Fossil Park.
Braving the wind for a walk on the beach.
I had Jamie on my shoulder when I put my make-up on and she promptly climbed into the cupboard.
Colin playing tennis on the Wii. Some men never grow up you know!
Herlien and Mark came to visit for the day. Mark went fishing with the men in the morning and then we went for a lovely boat ride in the afternoon. It was great and very refreshing when the water came splashing over the front of the boat!
We went for breakfast on our last day in Langebaan.
Fed the seagulls.

We had a very enjoyable, relaxing time and we came home with heavy hearts again. I know that the water in Langebaan is really cold, but I will still rather retire there as it is lovely and cool most nights and we slept very well.

I actually contemplated deleting my blog this morning, but then decided that I can still do the occasional post, so keep your eyes pealed!


Lynette said...

My eyes ARE peeled see:) I am on to you the moment you post!

I am so glad that you had such a lovely time in all those happy pics!

....and yay for the children going back to school...can do with some normalcy.

Stefanie said...

Ja, who knew that Herlien was so competative hey?
It is great to see you posting and commenting again.
Glad you didn;t delete it.
Awesome pics, wish I could get mine to upload.

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