Sunday, 02 December 2007

8 Sleeps

2 sleeps down, 8 to go! I got my first sms from Colin yesterday. The plane from Johannesburg to Washington was delayed with the result that he missed his connecting flight to Orlando. Had to wait at the airport for 5 hours. Poor guy was exhausted after spending 26 hours on the plane! Got another sms today saying that he slept well and he sends his love to all. He went for a long walk this morning. He loves going for walks in new cities, because he can see a lot that way.

My weekend wasn't to bad, very nice in fact. Spent a wonderful time at Colin's aunt's 60th birthday in Paarl. The food was good, company was great, view was incredible, I could just imagine myself sitting at the top of the garden, under the tree, reading a book and drinking a cup of coffee - pure bliss!! My sister spent the afternoon with me and we made some christmas decorations, scrapbook style. I went to visit my friend in Monte Vista this morning and then had supper at my mothers house - not bad at all. Now the kids are busy watching Superman returns and I am knitting and fiddling with the computer.

Have a reasonably busy week planned, will see if it all works out!

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Stefanie said...

Love your post. Family time is always good.
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