Monday, 03 December 2007

I had a very busy day today. Went shopping without Colin for the first time in 3 months. It was fun! I bought a few things that he would never have let slip into the trolley! Andrew performed all the way from home to the shop and all the way back again! We spent some time at home while I cooked supper and then went off to my mom for the afternoon. Had great fun at Stodels choosing some plants for the garden and discussing what would look good on the pavement. Richard will plant all the new purchases for me tomorrow morning - what a good son! Then I went off to the hairdresser for a haircut - I always enjoy that! Came out with a bit of a new look.

Inbetween all that the people came to collect our couches to fix them up, so now I have LOTS of space in the lounge and my studio! The pink couch will be fixed up and "painted" black. That is apparently what they do with leather. The other couch will just be fixed up so that our bums don't feel as if they are hanging on the floor whenever we sit down - very uncomfortable.

Robyn, a friend, Andrew and I are going off to Langebaan tomorrow. A friend of mine has a holiday home there and we decided to go up and sleep over tomorrow night. A nice break! I can't take photos at the moment as Colin took it with to America. I actually miss it, a good before and after photo of the couch would have been good and also a photo or two of the new plants I bought. Anyway, I guess it is more important for him to have it this week!

Don't miss me too much tomorrow - should be able to post again on Wednesday night!


Stefanie said...

6 sleeps and no pics, I suppose we'll get through it. Hope you have a nice break.

Joanne Rasmussen said...

Enjoy Langebaan, lucky fish!! I am enjoying your blog. x