Friday, 21 December 2007

On holiday!

For those of you that would like to see my ring, will try and take a photo tomorrow.

Had a goodish day today. Got to the bank really early this morning (9H15), stood in the que for 15 minutes just to be told that I never did this whole vica (??) thing, which I quite clearly remember doing with Colin Anyway, had to come all the way home again to find an account and then go back to the bank. At least now my internet banking is sorted out and I can do my own transfers from now on! Good news! Inbetween all that I had to go and show the ladies at my now ex work my new ring. They obviously liked it!

Colin came home just after 11H00 - lovely surprise as he always says he will come early and then normally doesn't. We went to Cape Gate and bought him a fishing rod. Well, for those of you that have never done this - don't bother! Most boring shopping trip I have ever gone on!!!! Anyway, he wanted it for his birthday so I guess I am happy. Hopefully the men wont be too successful at fishing when we go to Langebaan as fish is not my favourite food!

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Stefanie said...

It is so nice when the men folk do come home early. However that is so often the time my children choose to have an almighty fight.