Friday, 29 August 2008

Good Friday

Andrew, my gorgeous ADHD son is busy building himself a treehouse. He actually had another ladder that broke so he took a long piece of wood out of the garage, took it to our very patient neighbour who then cut it for him and drilled holes through the ends! And wala - a rope ladder! ADHD children are extremely difficult to live with, but I think their creativity makes up for it. Although, as you can see, our garden looks like a dump because of his creativity! It would actually be very nice if DH would buy some decent wood and help him build a nice strong treehouse.
My lemon tree has blossoms on it! I am very impressed, except that I promised my family that I would make them lemon meringue with the ripe lemons. Fortunately I still have lots of time!
I had a lovely morning scrapbooking and now just want to have a peaceful afternoon! Going shopping with a friend tomorrow and no it is for clothes not scrapping supplies! Drat!

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Stefanie said...

I hope you have better luck clothes shopping than I did...grumble, grumble whine and moan!!