Monday, 04 August 2008

Soaking up the sun

As you all know by now, my crazy bird loves the sun. I took her outside with me early this morning when I hung out the washing and she enjoyed climbing around while I was busy. I decided a little while ago to go and "survey the estate" and took her outside again. It is lovely and sunny outside, but also a bit nippy in the shade. She loved being outside and was not impressed at all when I came back inside again. While I am typing this she is climbing around on the burglar bars enjoying some more sun! Crazy bird!

I must agree with her that it is really lovely spending time out in the sun. I was amazed to see how much the plants have grown and how clean and vibrant everything looks. We have really been very blessed with all the rain, even though it is very cold it is still the best thing to make plants grow beautifully! Maybe I should go for a nice walk later ........

My weekend was very busy and we didn't leave home at all except to go to church yesterday morning. It was actually very nice just being at home for a change without feeling the need to rush around in the shopping centres or just visiting people. My mom came for a visit on Saturday afternoon and we had a lovely time just chatting and knitting. Friends came around yesterday afternoon for a braai and we had a wonderful time. And then we had some more friends pop in last night for a cup of coffee. This is what I enjoy - relaxing time with friends and family!

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Stefanie said...

it really was a fantastic time, chilling, chatting and eating. the apple tart was also fantastic.