Wednesday, 04 March 2009


I was tagged by Lynette to show you my bag of the moment. Tada!!! This is it:
I bought this biggish bag, not because I carry a lot of stuff around, but so that I can see everything inside without scratching. I bought it at Miladys sometime last year and I think it cost about R169. I did have a loyalty voucher though, so it cost me a lot less. I am really enjoying the fashion bags at the moment and will carry this one around until I get tired of it or I see another bag that I really can't resist! I decided to follow Lynette's example and tell you what is inside my bag:

1) Make up bag - full of lipsticks.
2) Purse - a gorgeous pink one!
3) Reading glasses.
4) Comb.
5) Manicure set.
6) Handcream.
7) Bracelet - forgot to take it out.
8) OPI nailpolish and top coat - forgot to take it out!
9) Sanitary goodies - yuck!
10) Some sweets.
11) 2 flash drives - heaven know why 2.
12) A hairclip.
13) Lots of bits of paper.
14) Sweeteners - that I always forget to use.
15) Business cards and expired gymn cards.
16) Make up mirror - Hubby does not have a mirror in his car!
17) Samples of cardstock.
18) ID book.
19) Remote for the gate at my mom's place.

And that is it!

It has been a rather busy week since I last posted, I have actually been feeling very overwelmed with life in general. Colin and I went shopping for new bedding this last weekend and it was exhausting work! We walked backwards and forwards I don't know how many times, but eventually found what we wanted. Now I just need Colin and the boys to paint the bedroom, as I think the new bedding will clash terribly with the pink walls! All very exciting as it is about 7 years since we last redid our bedroom! Will post a picture once it is all done.

Good news is that Chilly went for his last visit at the vet on Tuesday. The vet is very happy with him and now he just needs to get used to only having one leg, and a small stump on the other side.

I babysat my friends baby today. She is gorgeous, but I totally forgot what it is like to have a baby around! To make matters worse we went and had lunch with my sister Herlien today. She was actually fine the whole time, but started screaming on the way back! My mom eventually climbed to the back and tried to give her a bottle, but she was not a happy girl! I think I will stay at home with her next time, until I get used to all her little quirks!

I think that is about all for now - later .....


Lynette said...

They say the contents of our handbags says a lot about us! Glad to hear you enjoyed the baby sitting.

Stefanie said...

Yep, I like that bag too, never knew what all you carried around in it though. Getting used to baby sitting?? I am not ready to offer my services yet. Did look for a bottle warmer thingy - will keep trying. Looking forward to tomoro too.

Stefanie said...

Were your cell phone and keys in your pocket or lying on the kitchen counter?