Tuesday, 22 January 2008

RE : Reflections

Well, I spoke to soon! Forgot that Colin had to fly up to Johannesburg today and Michael had to be at work at 07H30. Sooooo, was up at 06H00, woke Andrew and Robyn up, made Andrew's breakfast, got his bag ready, took out our tablets, fed the dogs, made myself a cup of coffee, did not climb back into bed and took ALL 3 kids to school! It was actually not that bad, I took Scruffy with in the car, Richard drove as he must practice the silly K53, dropped Andrew off, the other 2, and was home again by 07H45. Not bad at all!

I am looking forward to going to scrapbooking this morning as I went and had a whole lot of photos printed yesterday and will be able to pick and choose what I want to scrap today! I always enjoy going to Stefanie's classes as we always have fun and she has great ideas! AND a lot more stuff than what I have!

Enjoyed aqua aerobics yesterday and will try and go 3 times per week!


Stefanie said...

Thanks, I enjoy it when you're here too. Maybe you should get Colin to vote for your layout? I know that Andrew votes for mine. Ha ha.

KJ-Starre said...

Hello there! Yay! I found your blog at last!!!! It was good seeing everybody today!

I also find it better if I have a bunch of pic's already printed so I can just choose & scrap. I have never been to one of Stef's classes...but knowing Stef it must be loads of fun!

Well done of going to aqua aerobics...I too MUST find somewhere to start excersizing again. I miss it.

Have a super day!!