Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Still on Holiday!

Hi there! Despite my best intentions of blogging while we are on holiday - I must sadly admit that I didn't do any. Colin's 3G card is just so slow and we have really been very busy just being on holiday. We are having a great time and I can't believe that we are heading home on Saturday! The weather here hasn't played with though and the wind is driving us crazy. We were only able to spend about 6 days on the water, but basically just chilled the rest of the time. I have started on my parents scrapbook about their wedding anniversary and it actually looks very good! Only a few pages to go! Colin and the "boys" went out fishing 3 times and were successfull twice. There is just no ways you can compare freshly caught fish with frozen fish from the shop! Colin reckons that he can taste the difference between the fish he ate fresh and the fish that was frozen for a few days - the tecture is different. Anyway it tastes great - I don't like fish that much, but even I now hope that they will catch when they go out!

How's that for a fish! It tasted pretty good too! And now I can also use my gorgeous "fishing" stickers!

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Stefanie said...

I did pop in to your blog to see if you had posted anything - tonight when I saw your comment on my blog I was even more hopeful.
You can have a piece of fish for me. Hope you have a blast these last few days. Sorry you no like the wind - it has been making my life here a bit more bearable not so stinking hot.