Monday, 14 January 2008

What a day!

Well, we are finally back from holiday and it has been rather an eventfull couple of days. We came home to a VERY GREEN pool and are battling to get it blue again. At least Colin didn't say I told you so! Anybody with some good advise out there? Andrew keeps on insisting that we buy some Blue 52, but we have invested such a lot of money in HTH already that we just can't do that. Anyway, I am sure we will be able to swim again soon, specially in this heat! Langebaan was definitely much cooler as the wind blows like crazy!

Robyn decided to cook supper tonight and she is still busy, hoping to eat before 9. I must admit that it is very nice when your kids start taking an interest in cooking, because it makes my life much easier, not liking to cook etc.

Scruffy was very happy to see me when we got home - dogs are really a mans best friend!

Can't wait for the kids to go back to school on Wednesday though, just imagine I can have some peace and quiet!

Oh yes, last but not least, we went and joined Virgin Active at Cape Gate today - I actually can't wait to start doing water aerobics. Something to look forward to!

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Stefanie said...

Remind me to ask you something about the active Virgin when we get together.