Monday, 21 January 2008


I decided to water the garden this morning as it is supposed to be a very hot day, and as I was watching the hundreds of cars passing our house with parents dropping off their kids at the school, I couldn't help but realise just how blessed I am to have a husband like Colin. I basically get up in the morning, feed the dogs, get our tablets out, check that Andrews bag is ready for school, make myself a cup of coffee and climb back into bed! Colin gets the kids up, puts Andrews clothes out, makes his breakfast and takes Andrew to the bus. And if Colin is away for some reason, Michael takes Andrew to the bus, and just by the way, he also drops Richard and Robyn off at the high school! I am truly blessed with my husband and my kids!

Of course then I started looking around at the rest of the world and noticed the guinea fowls running around at the top of the field and it made me think of the cartoon "Roadrunner" that used to be on TV long time ago - the guinea fowl were running just at fast.

I had Jamie on my shoulder while watering the garden and she was happily "cheaping" away on my shoulder and then I also noticed the doves and other birds on and over the field. Their life is just as peaceful as mine! I had to watch Scruffy like a hawk though, as he just runs if he sees another dog or cat and with all the cars I really didn't want a dead dog.

Anyway, I start gym today and must admit that I am looking forward to it. Hopefully the first time of many.


Stefanie said...

It is good soemtimes to stop, smell the roses as it were and be thankful. You have inspired me today - thanks.

KJ-Starre said...

What a lovely chatty post...I felt like I was standing right there with you.!

Blessed indeed! You hubbie sounds like a gem!