Thursday, 22 May 2008

Why did we have kids?

It is a question I ask myself from time to time, but specially this morning when it took us forever to get Andrew ready for school! He is totally hyperactive and a simple activity that would take other kids 2 minutes to do can take forever. It took him about ten minutes to put his shoes on! We won't even talk about getting up, eating breakfast, etc. I suppose they do give us a lot of love and pleasure as well, but sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it.

It seems as if I will only get to blogging about once a week. Between parties, classes and preparation my days are rather full. Will see how it goes.


Joanne Rasmussen said...

As you know i am completely behind you on this one, I leave Erin to Paul in the mornings or else I just become the bad cop permanently.

Dede said...

Great Information blog ! Thank you for keeping up the good work. I look forward to returning to your blog, and learning more from you !