Monday, 02 June 2008

Growing up

When my daughter "became a woman" last year, a friend suggested that we take her out for lunch to celebrate. I sort of put it on the backburner until I discovered the Fairy Party House a few weeks ago. I got very inspired and then decided to have the party at the Fairy House. I invited 9 ladies, my sisters, friends and 2 nieces. Robyn played hockey on Saturday morning, with the result that we started our morning by each of us making her a scrapbook page with a photo of ourselves and also a word of wisdom, advise, etc. We all had lots of fun! Then it was on to the delectable cake and quiche!

Robyn arrived while we were having tea and cake and we sent her up to the fairy party room to dress up for the occassion. Nikki went with her and the 2 of them looked really cute with their wings.

Three cousins.
A photo of all of us.
We really enjoyed the morning. The company and food was excellent and the venue is really stunning! For those of you with little girls - lovely place to have a party, the venue also lends itself to stunning photos. Nikki kissed the frog, etc! I will definitely be using the venue again very soon!


Stefanie said...

It really was a fantastic day, I loved everything about it from the drive out there, the views, the scrapbooking, the cake and quiche and the photo oppurtunity...What's not to love.
Thanks for including me.

KJ-Starre said...

Wow! it sounds wonderful. I'll bet you she won't forget it in a hurry! You 've some serious Mom-brownie-points stocked up!

See Ya said...

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