Thursday, 26 June 2008

Overview of my week

The cousins slept over on Saturday night and we couldn't help but take this picture of Keagan sitting in the basket with Jessie! It is a good reminder of when Robyn was 1 year old. She climbed into the basket with my mother-in-law's dog Jack and we also took a photo of that! This is Jack's old basket that we got when Jack died a few years ago. I think I am going to do a LO about the two photos! (If I can find the other one that is, otherwise I will scan the one I gave my mother in law) I will give her a copy of this one as well, maybe she will remember .....

Colin phoned me with great news on Monday - he won the award for submitting the best paper for the annual engineering seminar! He has to fly up on 7 July to receive the award and has decided to take me with! He will be presenting the paper at the seminar on 9 July - well done Colin, I am proud of you!

I took Jamie outside with me on Tuesday when I hung up the washing. She promptly decided to climb up onto the washing line and had a great time "sunning" herself! And don't worry, I did check the washing very carefully for "landmines" afterwards. Took her out again this morning, but I think she was to cold and decided to stay on my shoulder.
I had absolutely nothing to look forward to today when I got up except having cake at Limnos with Colin tonight, but now after reading all the blogs I am inspired to have some photos printed for a LO or 2 - thank you guys!


KJ-Starre said...

Well done Colin! Great that you get to go with him!! That bird of your is such a toot! How did you get him down?

Anita said...

Hi Kim, she did try and bite me, but I won in the end! She sees me as her "mother" so is a bit less nippy with me than with the rest of the family.