Monday, 09 June 2008

Pink and orange

Robyn got braces today. She had the elastics in for a week and today was the big day. It actually went a lot smoother than I thought it would and was done in no time. Only her top teeth were done today as they have to move or be pulled in or something before the bottom teeth join the top teeth. I watched the whole exercise and it was very interesting. Robyn was surprised that it went so well as she expected it to be a lot more painfull. (Will see how she feels tomorrow!)

After! She chose pink and orange elastics! Will keep you up to date!

Colin and I went to Stodels on Sunday so that I could take some photos for a winter layout. It was supposed to be an Autumn layout, but I didn't get to taking the photos!

Jamie having a "sip" of Colin's tea. She really is quite a character!
I am absolutely exhausted tonight as it was a very busy day, but at least I feel as if I achieved a lot. Even though it was only washing, tidying up, etc .... Just kidding, I also had to prepare for my classes this week and also had to finish making samples for workshops.
Going scrapping tomorrow ..... can't wait!


Stefanie said...

Lovely post.
Glad the braces went so well, the pain sets in the next two days and then they seem to adapt. Looking forward to you scrapping today too.

KJ-Starre said...

I love the pics of the bird in the cup.....your menagerie makes for the coolest, candid photo's. Great scrapping amo!

Five-Browns said...

Robin is a lovely girl with beautiful teeth! Cant believe she is having braces?

Just been catching up on your blog --sorry I been scarce. Had a good chuckle at the bird in the tea!

Anita said...

Robyn has to have braces as her teeth are affecting her ears. She also has 2 teeth that are completely out of alignment with the rest.

Anonymous said...

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