Tuesday, 03 June 2008

Interesting day

I had a very "exciting" day today. I agreed to be my niece's "client" this morning for her nail exam. She is studying cosmotology and I had to go to her yesterday for a while so that she could prepare my nails. I had to be in Parow at 08H30 this morning - that is very early for me! Shame she was very nervous but did a pretty good job on my one hand. She had to do one hand with tips and one with forms. The hand with the forms didn't come out as well as the other, but that didn't really bother me. She will now redo that hand for me this afternoon as I am going to stay her client for a while so that she can practice.

Afterwards I popped in by Stefanie to say hello to the ladies in her Tuesday class and then home to dirty dishes, dirty washing etc. It really sucks not having a maid everyday, but I think we have now adjusted to the new house cleaning "standard". So far I haven't done any ironing as my dear husband has been doing it - he really is very good to me!

This afternoon was spent teaching a class to my one student on a Tuesday. I actually quite enjoy it and two other little girls asked for forms as they would also like to do scrapbooking lessons. Don't have any plans for tonight so will just chill and get my washing dry - as some of you know, a housewife's day is never done!


Stefanie said...

The Tuesday class is not the same without you.

Zee:- said...

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