Thursday, 19 March 2009

My little boy is a daddy!

What do you say when your son becomes a daddy? Well basically that I also became a granny in the whole process!
22 years ago
Yesterday. Even though they aren't a couple anymore Michael still went through to support her when the baby decided that it was time to be born.
I held him for the first time and I believe that it was love at first sight! He gripped my finger with his tiny little hand and I was lost forever! It is actually amazing how much strength there is in that little hand.
It also struck me just how different mine birth experience was to hers:
- Colin and I were married - and still is.
- We had medical aid and I gave birth in a private hospital.
- Colin spent the entire time holding my hand - I couldn't have done it without him.
- I spent 4 days in hospital eating good food and being treated very well by the staff.
- I had visitors every visiting hour.
- They are not married.
- She had to give birth in a government clinic.
- She was not allowed to have anybody with her during labour or while giving birth. The person that helped her give birth also had to hold her hand.
- She had to leave the clinic 6 hours after having her baby. No food, but apparently the staff were very nice.
- Nobody was allowed to see her until she left the clinic. They wouldn't even tell the daddy what sex the baby was.
I am truly blessed! With my own husband and family and now with this little boy that won my heart the first time I held him in my arms. Welcome little Ethan!


Lynette said...

Oh sweet. Congratulations Granny! I hope that this little one will give you much joy!

Stefanie said...

Children are a blessing (at least most of the time)