Monday, 23 March 2009

Babies and parties

We saw baby Ethan everyday except yesterday. Michael has decided that he is very boring as he sleeps all the time. He doesn't know how lucky they are! Isn't he just too adorable, here comfortably sitting in his daddies arm!
Isn't these little hands just to "oulik"!
To think those perfect little hands are still going to get up to such a lot of mischief. His hands looks a lot like Michaels. Very broad with the slightly broader thumb. If you look closely you will see the little brown marks just above his nails. He is definitely going to become darker as he gets older. Not that granny minds at all!
My niece, Stephanie, turned 18 yesterday. She wanted a pink cake with "panda" written on it. It came out very well.
The cupcakes also looked gorgeous! It really was worth every bit of time we spent on making them! Stephanie was really very happy with her cake and couldn't believe how much trouble we went to for her birthday party!

The mama and Stephanie.

Michael and Simone, his new girlfriend. Simone loves working with sugar and icing and helped us ice the cupcakes and she also wrote the "Panda" on the cake. A very talented young lady and then she has a lovely personality as well. Thanks Simone!
As you can see it was a very busy weekend. I am supposed to clean house today, but my friend is bringing her daughter to me for babysitting, so I will rather do that than clean house I think!

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Lynette said...

Ethan is gorgeous...babies just strikes that cord in me that makes me go lame in the knees...must be what being granny does to you. Stephanie is blessed to have an auntie and mommy like the two of you.