Thursday, 05 March 2009

Time with a friend

I am sitting here eating crunchies and Jamie is sitting on my shoulder and trying to eat out of my mouth. My word - how disgusting!

I had a very good morning today. I met a friend for breakfast and must say company and food were both very good. Afterwards we walked around a bit and did some window shopping, and yes, some real shopping. Why is it that even grocery shopping with a friend is good compared to grocery shopping with the family? Much less frustrating and you tend not to buy any extras as you don't want your friend to think that you are a greedy pig! (We won't mention the chocolate eggs from Spar!) Anyway, it was good and we don't do it often enough.

Afterwards I rushed home so that I could get out of the heat! My son had the aircon on when I got home and I walked into a lovely, cool house! I really do not enjoy this weather - bring on Winter!


Lynette said...

No not the winter....pleasseee!!! I want to hibernate in the winter and go nowhere.

Stefanie said...

Winter and another sixpack of choc hen's eggs...I am so with you on that score~ bring it on.
The reason shopping with a freind is better, they don't keep nagging you to buy stuff for them, or moan about what you're wanting to cook for supper.