Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What would you do?

What is more important? Staying at home and tidying up the house or going out at the drop of a hat? Well, I had to get up this morning to take the kids to school, as Richard needed Colin's car for a traffic count this morning. Michael took Colin to work, and as he now drives a bakkie, they couldn't take the kids with. I left the house in my dressing gown and slippers (it is still dark you know!) and took them to school. Robyn wanted to know what I would do if the car broke down, but I decided to take the chance! Came home, put a load of washing on and climbed back into bed with a book. You can't do that when you are fully dressed!

I phoned a friend last night to confirm our breakfast date for this morning, but couldn't get hold of her. Thus, I got back into bed with the knowledge that she could phone anytime. She phoned at 08H00 and I had to decide the above. Stay at home or go out?? You are quite right, I jumped in the shower, did my make-up and left!! We had a very pleasant breakfast and a lovely catch up chat as we haven't been able to for a while. I left her house with just enough time to pick Robyn up after school and then came home. I looked at the house as I walked in and decided that it was all well worth it! The house can be tidied up anytime! Just hope the washing dries as the weather is now a bit overcaust.


Lynette said...

Jis sussie, jy laat my lag...kan nie terug klim in die bed wanneer jy klaar aangetrek is nie...dit is so snaaks.

Anita said...

Did you have the benedict eggs?
I had omelette yesterday but we still need to seek out the best benedicts.

Stefanie said...

Oops! That second comment was from me.