Tuesday, 09 June 2009

Catch up!!

I guess I can use the fact that we have been internetless again for the past 3 weeks as an excuse for not blogging, but I won't. The company hubby works for entered two teams in the wheelchair race a while ago. It was a fundraiser and it was a lot of fun, but very hard on the hands! Here you can see my hubby trying very hard to finish his leg of the race.
Their team also ended up in the final, but the final was won by the disabled team in their wheelchairs. It was quite an eye opener and gave me a lot more respect for the people in wheelchairs. It is not easy! Here is a photo of the two teams:
I attended a Tim Holtz class with a friend about 2 weeks ago. We each got a chipboard album, grungeboard and some other embellishments. Part of our kit was also some pages torn out of Hamlet. It made for very interesting pages! We first had to stick the paper onto the chipboard pages, then inked it with distress ink. I was amazed at how much like leather the grungeboard looked by the time we were finished painting, sanding and inking them! It was a very enjoyable class. Here is the results:
I decided to use some wedding photos to complete the album - printed in sepia of course! I got home, dragged Colin to the mall to have photos printed and then finished the whole album that night. I was very inspired and excited!

I went and scrapped this morning and did this layout. Actually I am lying, the teacher put all the photos on the pages and I just stuck them down! I must still do the journalling, but have a look:
Andrew had his first archery lesson last Saturday, but all the photos are on the hubbies camera, will have to get them from him and then I can show you.
It has been a very busy and difficult couple of weeks. Michael managed to see Ethan once, but then the madam decided that he can't see Ethan again. He also received a subpoena from the maintenance court last week. I made peace with not being allowed to see Ethan and will now just have an attitude of "wait and see".


Stefanie said...

Great to have you back in blogland again.
The teacher ha ha!!Maybe you could introduce me some time?
Would love to know more about the archery too.
Chat soon.

Lynette said...

Hey glad to see you back. You will have to teach me how to do a gorgeous album like that...I love it. I also love your layout (should I say "Well done Steph") LOL!

Sorry to hear about the problems with Ethan...just remember that God is ultimately in control, so don't lose hope.