Thursday, 20 August 2009

A bit more info

I usually crawl back into bed once Colin and the kids leave, but decided to check on the blogs this morning while they were still all here. I was inspired by Lynette's blog to be a bit more open and honest about myself, so here goes.

Lynette phoned me yesterday to find out why I am so quiet and that made me feel very good, as I always tend to feel that nobody cares, so why bother. Thanks Lynette I really appreciate the phone call. I suffer from chronic depression and always, when things aren't going well I follow a certain pattern. Try and cope, withdraw from everybody and everything, become very quiet, sleep late every morning, stop cleaning my house, even stop scrapping and so the spiral continues downwards. This is not something that very many people know about me, but my confidant at church encouraged me to ask friends to pray for me, us on a regular basis, so here I am asking you guys to pray for us. When I get depressed Colin is probably affected the most, as he is the person closest to me. I am really struggling with my youngest at the moment and as you can imagine it is causing me to be extremely stressed to the point that I dream strange dreams and perspire terribly at night - more like anxiety. He is extremely difficult, disobedient, abusive, intervering, loud and generally has the whole household upset. He just started seeing a new psychologist, but it is still early days and so far we are not seeing any results. Colin and I chatted last night and decided to put a consequence in place for when he refuses to listen to me. He is now far to big for me to physically drag him down the passage and force him to stay in his bedroom for a time-out. We spoke to him this morning and will see how it goes. So yes, please pray for us!

Here is a few early morning photos I took last week. The cockatiels love the door to their cage being opened and performs until I do. They then just sit their looking out! I guess it gives them a sense of freedom:
Andrew getting ready for school. Jamie loves him and tries her utmost best to get to him whenever he is around. A bit frustrating in the mornings because he dawdles like crazy and it is a fight to get him out of the house almost every morning.
Richard having breakfast before work.
Robyn having breakfast: (not impressedwith having her photo taken!)
Colin and Jamie having breakfast! She gets very excited when she sees him bringing his breakfast to the lounge and thoroughly enjoys sharing with him! She then has breakfast with me as well when I eat at about 09H00.
I was very priviliged to spend the day with my sister Herlien and her daughter Stephanie on the day of her matric dance two weeks ago. We picked her up after she had her hair done and then went with while she had her make-up done. She wouldn't let me take photos of that, but I got a few in when she was getting ready to go. Here she is straightening her hair again because she wasn't happy with the way the hairdresser did it:
My favourite photo, taken from the back to show all the detail:
With a very proud mom and dad!
She has really grown up to be a very lovely young lady and I am very proud of her!

I had a very bad hair week last week, but Scruffy didn't. We took him for a wash and trim last Tuesday and he really looked gorgeous!
On the Ethan front we are waiting for the results of the paternity test (will only get the results in September when they go back to maintenance court). I am really hoping that the baby is not his, but don't think that that is going to happen! In the meantime I get my baby-fix when I baby sit my friends baby from time to time. I looked after her last Thursday and almost had to lie on my stomach to take this photo, gorgeous isn't she:
Well that is about it for now. Just enough time to quickly warm up in bed before I have my nail appointment at 09H00 .....


Lynette said...

So glad you're back my dear sister...I really missed you a lot. I will be praying for your situation with Andrew...very wise to put some consequences in place...boundaries are always a good thing.

It was such fun seeing the pic of Herlien, Steph and Neil...first time in many, many years that I see Neil.

Love you sis!

Stefanie said...

I am delighted that you're back to blogging. You have posted some stunning pics and you didn't have a bad hair week last week. Will pray too and am looking forward to tonight.

Herlien said...

Ek sal jou elke dag in my gebede hou liewe sussie. Ek het net bewondering vir jou en Colin wat Andrew aanbetref. 'n Voorbeeld van Jesus se onvoorwaardelike liefde.

Lief vir jou.

Charmaine T said...


Will be praying for you and just always know that it does get better... When you are in the situation you can not see past the problem, but God is always there, keeping you safe and in His arms...

Strongs my friend.