Monday, 03 August 2009

A week in my life (more or less)

My father was in Cape Town last weekend as he is here to prepare the boat and to then help in taking it over to the Carribean. We all met at my sisters house for supper. It was a really great evening and it was really a pleasure seeing him and spending time with him. He loves living in Kidds Beach and can't wait to go back!
As I said in my last post, we bought a new car. Here is a photo of our old cars that we traded in. Michael's Mazda and my Monza. They gave us such a good trade-in on the cars that it was well worth it! The salesman had a possible buyer for my car.
And in with the new! It was actually very nice that they added the red bow, just up my alley. Andrew was also very impressed and wanted to know if we could take the bow with us. A very proud hubby with his new car:
Well, we spent the weekend in Langebaan. We had a lovely relaxing time and I was amazed when my friend showed me how cute her parrot is. Her name is Casper and I haven't ever seen a bird quite like her!
The guys went fishing on Sunday and came back with 2 fishes. Colin and Andrew each caught a little shark, but they obviously had to let it go. The ladies went for a ride afterwards. It felt very weird being on the boat with thick jackets on, but it was extremely ex
The best news of all is that I went shopping for jeans today and fitted into a size 14! They are a bit tight, but I don't think it will be uncomfortable. I was so excited when they fitted that I told Robyn that she could also choose something in the shop. She came out with a wallet.


Stefanie said...

Hey, so glad you found the camera cable.
Next we want a picture of your skinny butt in the size 14's !!
Way to go.
Maybe you can also train Jamie to "swim" upside down in the orange avo container.

Lynette said...

Yep...I wanna see the skinny butt too:)

Glad you spent some quality time with the DAD and I can see you had a great time in Langebaan.

I love the pic of is so cute.

Joanne said...

Great to catch up with you. Size 14 - at the moment in my dreams x