Monday, 31 August 2009

Smaller clothes

I have now booked my plane ticket to go to PE and Kidds Beach next week, but realised that I actually do not have enough clothes to take with! I bought new jeans, but the rest of the stuff are all getting to big for me now! It also seems hotter there than here. I took some things out that I bought last summer and decided to have it adjusted. I should now have enough. My sister Herlien popped around this morning and we went to Cape Gate after picking Robyn up from school. We saw this blouse at the same time and just had to try it on! The size I tried on fitted me and I bought a size smaller - good motivation! I just love the colours and it is so feminine! As Herlien said, I would never have thought a year ago that I would lose enough weight to be able to fit into this little number. Just a few kg's and it will fit!We had a rather busy weekend again with 2 parties, but it was quite enjoyable. I discovered another little coffee shop in Durbanville that makes the most devine quiche and cake! Will have to go and try their breakfast sometime. Sorry Stef, no Eggs Benedict, but I think it is definitely worth the visit. They had a turkish delight cake there on Saturday that looked very tempting. We went to family on Sunday as it was the one cousin's birthday. Herlien and I also went and looked at the demo of the table for the wedding on Saturday morning. It is absolutely amazing to see how much stuff is out there that you can hire and use. It makes a person want to have a big function just so that you can use all the stuff!

Anyway, enough for now, just wanted you to see my cute little blouse!


Lynette said...

Sjoe...that top is gorgeous. Can't wait for your visit!

Stefanie said...

It is beautiful! Can't wait to see the smile when you fit into it. Divine quiche you say? Better than Melissa's eggs? May just have to give it a try anyway.