Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My chandelier

I have been wanting to buy a chandelier for our bedroom since our weekend in Montagu. I used some of the money I earned over the weekend (doing parties) and bought one. I got the boys to put it up for me yesterday and I think it looks stunning! And I believe very romantic as well!Herlien helped me with the party on Saturday morning as Robyn was playing hockey, and Robyn helped me with the party on Saturday afternoon. Both parties went very well. We have another 2 this coming weekend, Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon. Robyn will help me with both. The Lord is really blessing me with work at the moment!

We are still struggling with our youngest. I phoned and made an appointment with his psychologist today to discuss how we can handle him. The secretary will phone me back as the psychologist is fully booked at the moment. We don't know what to do anymore and hopefully he will be able to help us. Please continue to pray for us. In the meantime I think I must go to Kidds Beach earlier as I can really do with the break!


Helen Tilbury said...

Just had to take a peek when I saw this title on Lynette's blog. I am chandelier crazy! You found a lovely one...where did you get it?

Lynette said...

Love the chandelier! So glad things are picking up with the parties. Why don't you land in PE and stay with me a few days then I can take you through to Kidds Beach?

Stefanie said...

You need to include a pic of the chandelier in situ too so we can see the full effect.
I trust that a gap will open up in the doctors schedule and the bumps in your life will be smoothed - at least until the next time.

Herlien said...

And there I was contemplating running away from home myself and flying up to visit with Lynette for a few days. Sometimes our home lives become very stressful and a break is just want we need.
Will pray for a gap in the doctor's schedule and for strength and wisdom in dealing with Andrew.
Lots of love

Shayne said...

Love the chandelier - where is it from?

Looking for one for my bathroom.

Strength with your youngest. Speaking to a psych will def help.