Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas & Holiday

We decided to put our Christmas tree up before our holiday this year. Colin checked the lights under duress and we ended up having to buy a new set of lights. I think checking the lights is always the worst part! Untangling especially! After that he didn't have a choice but to put the tree up as Andrew nagged him a lot. The kids had great fun putting all the decorations on. This photo was taken on Christmas eve.
I started collecting the Woollies Christmas bears when Andrew gave me one as a gift 3 years ago. I quite like the 2008 one. It is called Mr Chuckles and looks rather different. We will see how big the collection becomes over the coming years! It is fun teddies to have as they only come out at Christmas time!
An action photo I took when we went for a early morning walk during our holiday. I was rather pleased with the result. I love the sea (to look at, not to swim in) and I actually took a lot less photos than what I planned on taking.
My sister took this photo of us. It does look rather like two elderly people relaxing on a bench, but anyway. Check my lovely green "mock" crocks! I hate the shoes, but they are perfect for walking on the beach. I walked in them and then immediately took them of when we got back to the caravan, they are far to ugly to be seen in public with.

Isn't it just stunning! We would like to go for Christmas next year and definitely for longer than just a week. This is the view as you walk back towards the caravan park.
It was a lovely holiday. Robyn asked me every morning "Mommy what are we doing today?" My standard answer was "As little as possible." Camping holidays are the best, as you don't have to stress too much about cleaning up - whatever gets spilled in the tent goes right through the groundsheet into the sand - and the food is also very easy to do. Salads, braais, etc. Oh yes, and don't forget the potjie! Will post some more photos tomorrow.
We visited a new church today. It is very small and we know about 75% of the people already. I really felt very comfortable and loved! Because we know the people most of them came and hugged us - it was actually rather emotional for me as we have known some of the people for about 14 years, and haven't seen them for a while. We are difinitely going back again on Sunday!
Merry Christmas to all of you! May the Lord bless you today and in 2009!


Lynette said...

I agree about the we settled on a fibre optic tree this more struggling with lights. Your holiday looked very relaxing sis...wish I was there! I know you had a great day today.

Stefanie said...

The sea looks lovely, the mock crocs not so much and not only were you seen wearing them in public - there's a photo to prove it. I like you bear collection and on the church front... we'll miss you :/