Monday, 01 December 2008

He's back!

Well, the man came home yesterday and it is really great to have him back! He actually took quite a few photos, none with him in it, but he is still learning. Here is a few of his photos:
It was snowing on the first night when he went for supper.
He did some sight-seeing on Sunday and did quite a bit of walking.

We took Michael out for supper for his birthday. Don't worry, he wasn't drunk, just acting!

Richard was holding the straw paper and Michael was cutting it with the steak knife. And they call themselves adults! We had a lovely evening.

Of course the man had to go back to work today, so it was just a normal Monday for me. We had to go to the High School to collect Robyn's text books for next year and then we did a bit of shopping for stickers. I wonder why?
We went to the "Liggieboom" at Andrews school on Saturday evening, but it was raining. They moved the play and carols by candlelight to the hall, but unfortunately their was not enough space for everybody. We had supper and then went home. We did however hear the fire works later on in the evening.
I also had a very good session scrapping with my friend on Saturday. Will show you a layout tomorrow.
Sleep well!

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Lynette said...

You sound over the moon with Colin back...hope you are all well sis.