Friday, 26 December 2008

More holiday photos

Michael and Allisen came up to spend the las night with us. We went for a last walk on the beach in the evening. A very noisy, crazy bunch of people! The "kids" ran around like lunatics and had great fun.
The sun rising behind the clouds. Colin, Herlien and I went for a very early morning walk (6H00) on her last day there and it was very overcaust. It looked really great!

The sister and I. Still looking half asleep, but walking anyway.

Wearing Robyn's new sunglasses. She insisted on having a red pair of hearshaped glasses. She looks quite cute with them on, don't think it suits me though!

A photo of the rocks and stones.

Andrew and Keagan playing with cars. Andrew was so busy that we took very few photos of him this time round. He thoroughly enjoyed his freedom and we very rarely knew where he was. Sounds scary, but anyway.

Colin made a potjie on the Tuesday night. Absolutely delicious! The man is really good!

We really did have a great time and we were all very relaxed and rested when we got home.

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Stefanie said...

Love the red heart glasses - wasn't sure if that was "in public" or not. Ha ha, one just has to walk around in our home town to see some funny sights let's be honest. At least we have our teeth in, no curlers and doekie and some shoes on our feet...