Wednesday, 03 December 2008

Almost holidays!

The layout I finished on Monday. I scraplifted from a Becky Higgins Sketch and used paper that my sister gave me. Thanks Lynette!
Some more of Colin's photos. This one is of a poor half frozen bird! He knew I would like it.
There are Christmas markets all over the city.

He took this one through the window. It is of a giant father christmas made entirely out of chocolate. No, he didn't buy it for me.
I had a great day scrapping yesterday. It was the last class for the year and I think we all enjoyed it. We had our year end breakfast last Friday and that was also very pleasant.
The rest of my day yesterday was a bit "deurmekaar" again, but I survived it and it is a new day! My mom and I are having our last breakfast for the year later this morning and I think we must go somewhere nice. She also has a few other things to do so it will be a busy morning.

The man left very early this morning as he had to be in town by 07H00 this morning and will be late tonight. Fortunately his leave starts on Saturday, so it is the last time this year. So many "last times", I think I must make a scrapbook page, don't you think?
Anyway have a great day, speak soon!


Lynette said...

Lovely layout Anita...I am glad you could use the paper. Enjoy your breakfast with Mom.

Stefanie said...

I think I am ready for a holiday now... where can I go?