Monday, 08 December 2008

Prams and hair?

We decided to go shopping for a pram yesterday for our soon to be born grandchild. Michael and Allisen went with us, but basically left it up to us to decide on which one. (We do have loads of experience I suppose!) We first went to Ackermans baby company and saw the one as shown below, but the dear hubby first wanted to see what there was at the other shops. We walked all the way to the other side of the shooping centre and ended up going back to Ackermans! It came in a box and I told Michael that he had to put the pram together when we got home so that I can take photos! He did! This is what it looked like when he pulled it out of the box, but he kept on standing with his back and bum to me while I took photos.
Completely assembled with the soon to be mom and dad! Oh yes, and Andrew had to get himself in the picture!
I had a hair appointment last week and was very tempted to cut it all of as I am really suffering with the heat, but anyway decided not too and as a compromise decided to put pink highlights in. I was rather dissapointed as I expected the pink to show up more, but you can decide.
Not very pink at all, except when I stand in the sun.
I did workshops at the after care down the road this morning. There were 79 kids and we made the frames with groups of between 7 and 17 kids. I think the kids enjoyed it, but I was exhausted afterwards, the standing kills me! At least now I have a bit of spending money again! I also have workshops on Wednesday and Friday mornings, but with a lot less kids.
Other than that there is not much to report, we are just wilting in the heat. Thank goodness for air conditioners!


Stefanie said...

Can't see the pink, will have to look in person!
The pram looks good though.

Lynette said...

Can't see the pink either...but you are brave.

Lynette said...

Where are you dear sister, and tell us about your holiday!