Thursday, 02 April 2009

The "big" move

As some of you know I have been agonising about my parents retiring in Kidd's Beach for a very long time. My mom and I have become very close over the last few years and their leaving will leave a very big space in my life. Richard and I went and helped them pack up their last things last Thursday and then left for the Eastern Cape on Friday morning. It turned out to be a very good trip with my mom and I laughing about silly things and talking about the good old days. I did most of the driving, but then that is why I went with. We stopped at my Uncle and Aunts house in Jeffreys Bay for tea and then went through to PE where we spent the night with Lynette and her family. My mom was not very well and went to bed early. We left quite early on the Saturday morning and had another pleasant drive to our destination. It took about 3 hours, but the scenery was lovely. There is a lot of rivers and gorgeous vegetation along the way. We arrived in Kidd's Beach and it took us quite a while to unpack the cars and to get settled. My mom was still not well and we all went to bed very early (8H30) that first night. I got my mother to take her blood pressure on Sunday morning and it was very high. I then made her sit quietly in the lounge while my dad and I showed the removal people where everything had to go. It was a hectic day with a whole lot of mess at the end of it. Fortunately my mom planned very well and had two meals frozen and ready for the first 2 nights. The blood pressure was still quite high and mom went to bed early again on Saturday night. Her blood pressure was a bit down on the Monday and she started feeling better.
Eating their first breakfast in their new home.
Isn't it such a lovely sight - the waves and the dunes! This is what you see when you look towards the east.
And to the west. It is really a stunning place.
I really enjoyed reading this when we walked down past the river!
I am very glad that I went with as I was their to help out while my mom was feeling sick, but also because I now know where they are and that they will be very happy there. It is probably the most peaceful place I have ever been to. Their isn't even an ATM - very weird for somebody that comes from Cape Town!
I flew back to Cape Town yesterday and although I am very worried about the two of them, I trust that the Lord will be with them. Being with my mom made me realise that if I don't do something about my fitness level now I am going to be very decrepid when I am their age. My mom is very fit and she still battled, what will happen to me? Scary thought!
I have been very busy trying to catch up and getting things done at home because we are leaving for Goudini on Sunday. It will probably a last minute rush as usual!


Lynette said...

Wonderful reading about this. It really is a gorgeous setting. Awful to see how old our folks are getting. It just feels so sudden.

Joanne said...

Your folks are really lucky to have such wonderful daughters. I can imagine that the whole process was an eye-opener, my Mum is quite frail and it also makes me question my own fitness and eating habits (which are shocking). Great post.