Friday, 15 May 2009

Good Friday?

I went back to bed after Colin and the kids left this morning and had a lovely sleep. I am struggling to get up in the morning, but Colin reckons it is because of the weather - well, who wouldn't like to sleep when you can hear the wind and rain outside? I spoke to a friend a little while ago and she reckons that it is romantic weather - you know, fireplaces, luxurious rugs, etc. Not very romantic when hubby is at work though!

I visited Stef this morning for coffee and heard her plans to have lunch with her hubby today. Who doesn't like going out to lunch anyway? So I phoned my dear Colin and met him at Oppikoffie in Tygervalley for lunch. It was really very pleasant spending that little bit of time with him in the middle of the day! Good idea Stef!

After that it was home again with the usual Friday activities. I went and lay on the bed for a while and the kids did whatever they felt like doing. The daughter is sleeping out tonight so is nagging me to take her, so here we go again!

Have a great evening!


Stefanie said...

It really was a blooming good idea! We wnet to Winmpy where I had a dagwood, with bacon and eggs and chips and a wimpy mega coffee. This is the life for me!

Lynette said...

I am glad you had such a wonderful date with DH! Kobus and I do it regularly...and it is still fun.

Shayne said...

popped over from Stef. Not sure if you read my post

So that would fall into Marriage Time!

Will be back again