Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I went scrapping this morning and did this layout for our family album:
It will also go into the frame I have hanging by the front door for a while. It is based on a Becky Higgins sketch. Lynette dear, do you remember me buying the "E" when we went to Jeffreys Bay last year? I finally got round to using it. It was obviously bought for this specific layout, but the boy was only born in March. I also got one for each of my children. Your idea of colouring the letter in with coki worked beautifully Stef, thanks!

While I was doing this layout this morning it struck me that it is 4 weeks since we last saw Ethan and that we have already missed out on 4 weeks of his life. I could quite easily have sat there crying, but decided to control myself in front of the other ladies. The mother is still not allowing us to see him and the whole business is getting me down.

I am feeling better today, the cold seems to be getting better. No need to stay in bed, drink tea and feel sorry for myself, but thanks for the advise ladies!! You just forgot about the chocolate!

Andrew is sitting at the table with me catching up on his maths and I only have to fetch Robyn at 4H30, so have a bit of time to waste. I started making soup at 06H30 this morning and it is happilly bubbling away on the stove, which means supper is sorted for tonight! The only problem is that I am finished with the books I was reading, so I guess I will have to find something else to do.

Hope you are having a lovely day!


Lynette said...

Oh my...this layout is gorgeous...and I am going to use that sketch...I love how it turned out. I remember you buying the "E" in JBay and it is perfect for this layout.

I am so glad you are sounding better today.

Stefanie said...

Oh my, it came out just as I imagined it should look.
I love it when I'm right...and humble and the best decaf coffee maker and humble and the best journaling encourager and humble and the ....Oops!
Great you're feeling better and the grandson thing...will be better soon too, in the mean time you can hug my "grandson" - when his bum doesn't smell too bad.

Shayne said...

Beautiful LO Anita. Such a cute little chap! You're in my thoughts & prayers wrt seeing him again soon - i don't know the story but let's hope that it all works out for the best.

Helen Tilbury said...

What perfect memories & a special layout - I can see why you wanted to cry - what a sad situation - extended families - why are they always so troublesome??!!