Thursday, 07 May 2009

I had a dream

Colin worked right through the night again and when he got home this morning at 06H15 he rubbed his hand over my shoulder and commented that the blanket felt wet. I first thought that, horror of horrors, the dog lifted his leg, but it smelt fine. I then started to stretch a bit to get up and realised that my whole body was soaking wet, even my hair and the sheet was also very "damp". I told Colin and then commented that I had a dream that I was back at work and the boss was putting me under so much pressure that I obviously sweated like that. In my dream he wasn't happy with anything I did. I also dreamt a few days ago that this same boss asked me to go back and work for him again.
It is sad that even 20 months after I stopped working, dreaming about it can still stess me out so much that I woke up soaking wet and stressed. While I was still working the whole sweating thing at night was a regular occurrence, but this is totally ridiculous!
I also realised that I probably will never be ready to work again for any boss, as my last experience was so bad emotionally and I no longer have the confidence anymore.

1) How can we allow people to have so much power over us?
2) What gives them the right to treat people so badly?
3) How can they be allowed to continue doing this even when we complain?

The only thing that helps me deal with this is knowing that he will stand before God one day and will have to answer to why he did all this.


Stefanie said...

Shame - that's awful!
Maybe the fact that Carol is getting closer to going back is also weighing on your mind.

Lynette said...

Sounds like a horrible nightmare!

Herlien said...

Thank goodness Carol isn't going back to working for that horrible man!! But as you say, Anita, God will be the judge one day.