Thursday, 14 May 2009

Mothers Day etc.

We were on duty at church on Sunday morning and there was no time for breakfast in bed! My hubby did bring me a cup of coffee though! Since my mom has now left Cape Town we only had to visit my mother-in-law. I made the mothers a scrapped family photo last year, with a frame, and this year when I gave my mom-in-law her 2009 one, she wanted to give the old one back as she doesn't have anywhere to put it. I then decided to give her an album this year. I scrapped some Christmas photos for her, as well as a page of Ethan. She was very impressed and immediately added her other page!
Colin asked the big boys to be home at 1, and they all took turns making pancakes for lunch. They were as good as what the looked! Robyn decorated the tray for me. Colin made us a lovely potjie for supper.
I asked Colin to take a photo of the kids and I, and I must say it took quite a few tries to get a decent one. I had to smack Michael here as he kept on pulling faces!
The man responsible for all of them:
Andrew gave me the doggie and the silver box. He has a "thing" for boxes! Robyn gave me the make-up box. Richard took me out for breakfast yesterday and Michael still owes me. Colin also gave me an IOU. By the way, we had a lovely breakfast yesterday - lovely one-on-one time with my son!
I haven't shown you a photo of my darling green parrot for a while, well here she is:
The way she holds her food when she eats still facinates me! God must have had a lot of fun when he made the earth!!!!
Other than that life is ticking over. We still haven't been able to see our grandson and I am struggling with that. I decided to go and speak to somebody from church as I don't want to become depressed and withdraw again. My relationship with my hubby is too good at the moment to ruin it over a silly young woman! Michael went to the Family Advocates and they will now send letters to him and Allisen to get them together to try and come to some agreement about visiting rights. Please pray that she will go and that things will get sorted out - at this stage only the Lord can help us!
I went to the hairdresser this morning and decided that since I am going to be doing nothing for a while, to paint my nails. It went very well and the 2 coats dried nicely. I applied the topcoat after I got home, and yes you guessed, messed it all up within a few minutes!
Enjoy your day!


Stefanie said...

Hello there

A lovely post and I am glad that you had a great Mother's day! WIll have too see the nails to believe you messed them up...they usually look so good!

Lynette said...

Where is the decent photo..with all of you looking at the camera, dear sister. I love the one of you and Colin, you just had to smile. Hope all the problems with Allisen gets resolved. Love you and miss you!